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1 Perhaps "methodological conservatives" is better.
2 You are perhaps asking yourself many questions!
3 We may perhaps discern four separate factors.
4 It was perhaps 22 meters long originally.
5 Thus appraisal systems are perhaps more accurately termed performance review systems .
6 That perhaps things were moving too quickly?
7 Perhaps "depressed" is more accurate.
8 The intellectual loss was perhaps more direct.
9 Perhaps such volumes are amongst those lost.
10 The whole performance had taken perhaps seven minutes.
11 The tallest was perhaps 40 feet high.
12 Their friendship had been brief– perhaps too brief.
13 The common domestic mouse is perhaps better known.
14 The astute young person was puzzled– perhaps disappointed.
15 A situation more distressing has perhaps seldom been experienced.
16 His silence was prudent– perhaps necessary.
17 This matter was serious– perhaps horribly serious.
18 Perhaps loyalty has grown weaker among younger employees .
19 The stronger fish will perhaps reach 4lb.
20 You are perhaps too stubborn to understand.
21 The copy is perhaps a little too impersonal.
22 Perhaps payment was sent and never received.
23 For perhaps twenty seconds he sat without stirring.
24 Perhaps large format print maps serve an important purpose.
25 We are perhaps a somewhat blunt family.
26 Perhaps this last suggestion is merely silly?
27 Perhaps attend three significant trade shows or conferences?
28 The following example is perhaps easier to understand.
29 Perhaps those possibilities are tied to teaching information skills.
30 Then perhaps he really is someone famous.
31 Perhaps grade inflation really does not matter.
32 Perhaps might encourage recognition of number symbols.
33 Perhaps they did kill too many intellectuals?
34 It is perhaps the best value phone ever produced.
35 But perhaps this safeguard is too restrictive.
36 Or perhaps indulge yourself and combine packages.
37 Perhaps someone else here has had this experience?
38 Which perhaps puts being thirsty into perspective.
39 But perhaps the coral banded shrimp is innocent.
40 Or perhaps inserted & removed through a blood vessel catheter.