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1 Mr Major has insisted that the Tories hammer Labour over tax.
2 The sum of all their labours over the last gruelling months.
3 It isn't the first time that the Statistics Authority has rebuked Labour over their numbers.
4 Like New Labour over here, Rudd and Gillard's administration was a government of flinchers.
5 But women have been backing Labour over the Tories by margins well into double figures since last autumn .
6 The proofs of the text arrived in the beginning of June, and Potter laboured over them.
7 On 2009, Suu Kyi was sentenced to imprisonment for three years with hard labour over a trespass incident.
8 Furthermore, following a decline in manual labour over previous decades, employers now favour a more educated labour force.
9 Labour over its dead body would not like to bring in a whopping property tax to clobber very wealthy people.
10 Division in Labour over economic policy crystallised when a competing proposal was submitted to the Labour Party's Policy Council.
11 All this gentility was in contrast to his rage against Labour over the bedroom tax , which now has three names.
12 Rather than one person labouring over the use cases, the team works together to surface and satisfy all the requirements.
13 They say that Johann Lamont should have stood up to both Unite and Labour over Falkirk and instead she was supine.
14 Some important, enlightening or humorous thought might be conveyed in those few lines laboured over by the artisan called the poet.
15 It means that the effect of the Act that everybody has been labouring over will not now be felt for 100 years.
16 Counter-intuitively, although they spend a long time labouring over new songs, listening carefully, imitating and perfecting, young canaries do not actually seem to need it.
17 The ICFTU and the NLC consider that in view of the seriousness of these problems, there is need for a much stronger commitment to social dialogue by the Federal Government of Nigeria in order to achieve a culture of constructive engagement of labour over policies and governance issues.
18 In other words, one legacy of the regime of Councillor Pickles and his colleagues has been a city where the Conservatives have managed to stem the tide to Labour over the past decade.
19 You doubt any malice was intended, but it also seems clear that this script has not exactly been laboured over into the wee hours, and an audience used to Disney and Pixar will rightly expect better than this, whether they're under 10 or not.
20 The Academy met sporadically, and concluded its work in 1667 with the publication of the Saggi di naturali esperienze (Florence, 1667), in which the principal fruits of their experimental labour over the decade of their activity were presented.
21 The Secretary of State for Defence roused his audience with a fierce attack on Labour over its Brighton conference decisions on defence and the appearance at a fringe meeting there of Gerry Adams, the Sinn Fein leader.
22 Dr. Gilbert's research focuses on the ways in which the MST attempts to live up to its own mandate, which is to ensure the "supremacy of labour over capital" and to "build socialist values".
23 Goodman said it would be in a position to reveal more information about the project, including job numbers, in the coming weeks., 2013 Clubde Futbol America Jerseys He said National expected to continue discussions with Labour over Ms Moroney's bill when it was reported back from the select committee cheap nike air max 2012 next month.
24 I used to labour over lyrics trying to make them work - now I tend to have a few ideas and improvise around with them live so they're kind of like stream of consciousness.
25 Even worse, you would tell me about new poems you had started to write, and it was like a dagger in my heart when you described working on them without my help - though the real reason you had come back to see me was to labour over them with me, adding my suggestions and excisions in the margins in your minuscule script.
26 Did that imagination labour over your name like an expectant parent, wondering if - this time - a character would be elevated beyond the mere picas of digital fonts into the realm of immortality?
27 Anyway, I have no access to it, and have to cart metres of black metal piping back from the town and sweat and labour over it, bending it and cutting it and boring it and crimping it and bending it again, straining with it in the vice until the bench and shed creak with my efforts.
28 Heating water etc. to cope with large quantities of laundry made for a periodic need to bring in extra labour over that maintained in the household.
29 The recently-updated figure of $10,000 now accurately reflects the current rate of inflation and the rising costs of both material and labour over the last six years.
30 Indeed, with the great roaring fires it looked like hell and the chef, Satan, attended by an army of demons labouring over turning spits and shining platters, interlarding the dripping, roasting lambs and piglets with their own globules of sweat.
31 The amount of effort you put in at this stage should be commensurate with the ultimate purpose of the exercise – the quick and dirty monthly figures spreadsheet does not really require us to labour over the finer points of detail and methodology, whereas the model supporting the business case for opening a new office will benefit from the extra effort spent setting up a clear and robust structure from the outset.
32 Staff were given room and board and a monthly stipend of £9, regardless of marital status or position, as the egalitarian atmosphere placed no value on intellectual labour over manual.
33 United States efforts to broker a Middle East peace plan floundered in March when Israel's national unity coalition collapsed under the pressure of differences between Likud and Labour over the country's Palestinian policy.
34 Many of the methods by which socioeconomically advantaged people have maintained a supply of cheap labour over the centuries are now either defunct or greatly curtailed.
35 He formed an unofficial group of two with Alfred Edwards who had also left Labour over the nationalisation of steel, and in the new year he formally announced he had joined the Conservative Party; simultaneously it was announced that he had been adopted as Conservative Party candidate for Newport (Monmouthshire), near his birthplace.
36 The United Kingdom and France thus continued to labour over non-intervention; whilst they judged it effective, some 42 ships were estimated to have escaped inspection between April and the end of July.
37 In any event, it can be said that the primacy of vita activa over vita speculativa (practical life over theoretical life; hitherto abusive labour over noble leisure in specifying the repositioning vis-à-vis Nature), both in cosmology and politics, radically overturned ancient and Christian perceptions.
38 Cotton required intensive labour over a long growing period, and the estate manager William Jervis Livingstone (reputed to be a distant relative of David Livingstone) ensured that 5,000 workers were available throughout its 5 or 6 month by exploiting the obligations of the labour tenancy system called thangata, underpaying wage labour and by often violent coercion.
39 On one day the masons and engineers might work on a gothic portal, on the next they would be dragged off to labour over extensive fortifications.
40 The calf's 18-year-old mother Porntip was in and out of labour over the week beforehand, after a pregnancy lasting almost two years.