academic debate

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1 There is significant academic debate over why they arise.
2 The whole question remains the subject of academic debate .
3 Still it would remain an academic debate .
4 This also was more than just an academic debate .
5 Thus ensue the intellectual arguments and the academic debates and discussions.
6 They also participate in the public and academic debate .
7 There is lively academic debate over the relation between democracy and modernization.
8 This distinction is not always apparent and the academic debate is ongoing.
9 There has been extensive academic debate over the interpretation of these features.
10 He would also participate in and arbitrate academic debates .
11 There has been much academic debate about the ambit of s3.
12 The academic debate between these two theories is extremely polarized and often hostile.
13 Academic debate means nothing to them; reason is wasted on them.
14 Obviously they are not major figures in the world of academic debate .
15 Whether this operation would have worked is a matter of academic debate .
16 Significant academic debate exists around the character of the Kingdom of Judah.
17 There has been a long academic debate on what makes services different from goods.
18 He was formidably skilled in academic debate and wrote eloquently in high Latin style.
19 Indeed, the essence of academic debates is to find the truth among contending claims.
20 The 19th century academic debate on cousin marriage developed differently in Europe and America.
21 This is not a matter of academic debate to them today in July 2012.
22 The serfdom in Tibet controversy rests on both a political and an academic debate .
23 There is considerable academic debate concerning Antanas Smetona's involvement in planning the coup.
24 Academic debate about the process of colonialism itself is increasingly using the Stranger King concept.
25 This academic debate is not the main frame of reference of this book, though.
26 The book is often mentioned in the academic debate and has received both praise and criticism.
27 ANU scientist disputed age-old Homo sapiens theory Australian anthropologist Alan Thorne sparked heated academic debate .
28 This new revised edition is completely up-to-date with current academic debates and includes new source material.
29 However, differing philosophical and ontological viewpoints exist, and are reflected in the academic debate .
30 The extent to which this model resembles real-life elections is the subject of considerable academic debate .
31 There has been considerable academic debate about the actual dates of reigns of the Israelite kings.
32 Are the competing views purely academic debates , or do they also reflect wider social interests?
33 But the Wall itself remains the fascinating focus, and the subject of endless academic debate .
34 Better yet, use this great documentary as a preface to academic debate or panel discussion.
35 Constantine's work, "De Administrando Imperio", has attracted intense academic debate .
36 There is an academic debate about how fluent in French the colonists of New France were.
37 Similar proposals have been the subject of Command Papers in the UK and much academic debate .
38 The South Wall has seen a great deal of scholarship and the greatest number of academic debates .
39 Academics debate whether tribal cultures, such as the Mongolian nomadic steppe culture, are feudal in nature.
40 Indeed, the academic debate foreshadowed a Wall-street style scandal involving the Mexican microcredit organization Compartamos.