academic discipline

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1 Philosophy has become an increasingly academic discipline .
2 The ten events require knowledge in many academic disciplines .
3 The humanities are academic disciplines that study human culture.
4 Policies on such matters may differ among academic disciplines .
5 Collaboration between these academic disciplines was key .
6 In many academic disciplines no prior knowledge is required or assumed.
7 Students are admitted to law school from almost every academic discipline .
8 Many academic disciplines have also generated philosophical inquiry.
9 Nature is not divided into academic disciplines .
10 These skills are essential to all academic disciplines .
11 A wide range of academic disciplines will be represented.
12 Why should the oil painter be interested in such academic disciplines ?
13 The school also has active programs in over 40 academic disciplines .
14 Fisheries science is the academic discipline of managing and understanding fisheries.
15 It offers degrees and minors in over 20 undergraduate academic disciplines .
16 The building is home to many academic disciplines and has many classrooms.
17 In more recent developments, geography has become a distinct academic discipline .
18 Financial management is an academic discipline which is concerned with decision-making.
19 The new arrangement of the academic disciplines became a world standard.
20 That may be because this academic discipline is relatively new .
21 Toulmin's argument throws light specifically on academic disciplines as communities.
22 Such domination led to abolition of whole academic disciplines such as genetics.
23 CE is considered an emerging, albeit little known, academic discipline .
24 Further development of archontology as academic discipline requires new approaches.
25 Cambridge University has research departments and teaching faculties in most academic disciplines .
26 Nearly all academic disciplines contribute to the ongoing discussions in bioethics.
27 There are signs that all academic disciplines will soon have such collaborations.
28 Students may study nearly any academic discipline in a variety of countries.
29 The groupings that form around academic disciplines are both cultures and anti-cultures.
30 Theology is no mere academic discipline .
31 Creativity has become an academic discipline .
32 Is humanities computing an academic discipline ?
33 Surrounding "Alma Mater" are personifications of academic disciplines .
34 The academic discipline of Oriental studies is now more often called Asian studies.
35 Throughout the 1800s, the university's academic disciplines became more specialised.
36 Some dictionaries and academic disciplines give them different definitions while others do not.
37 This is what the thriving academic discipline of international relations tends to do.
38 The academic discipline of second-language acquisition is a subdiscipline of applied linguistics.
39 Multidisciplinary knowledge is associated with more than one existing academic discipline or profession.
40 By mid-century, many academic disciplines were to follow suit to become sciences.