academic discourse

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1 It is no longer followed in 21st century academic discourse .
2 Yet these are the careful qualifications of precise academic discourse .
3 But there are more ways to get cultural traction than just academic discourse .
4 Most faculty members are practicing architects who enrich their academic discourse with their practical experience.
5 There is an academic discourse regarding the validity of the methods and their results.
6 From this point, discussion of social justice entered into mainstream legal and academic discourse .
7 The four quadrants map the written, spoken, and graphic materials in academic discourse .
8 Claims such as those initiated by early Freemasons today find their way into academic discourse .
9 This is established as the language of academic discourse in all disciplines throughout the world.
10 Three interdisciplinary conferences will place squarely at the centre of current academic discourse .
11 The concept is now familiar in academic discourse , and has been specifically attributed to Evans.
12 The common usage in both everyday speech and academic discourse is a practitioner in the visual arts only.
13 Other scholars have pushed to redeem the word "cult" as one fit for neutral academic discourse .
14 If this is so, then academic discourse contains this hidden structure as a kind of metadiscourse.
15 In academic discourse , racial prejudices directed against these people from their host countries fall also constitute Indophobia.
16 Both terms – "juvenilization" and "feminization" – have been contested in political and academic discourse .
17 And I'm with you on personal experiences versus the oftentimes less vibrant more mundane world of academic discourse .
18 Yet liberal theology has sustained a vital academic discourse in recent decades, and it does not lack popular advocates.
19 In contemporary academic discourse , the process of removing components from an image is formally known as "object removal.
20 Men's studies movements use notions of inclusion and inverted feminist rationale to engage in academic discourse about the same.
21 In many cases, the conventions of academic discourse force researchers to make these assumptions even more explicit and specific.
22 However, little academic discourse on Joehana was published until the 1960s; according to Kartini "et al.
23 The removal of the legacy of apartheid is generally considered an important matter in South African socio-political and academic discourse .
24 In this article, Cannon argues that the perspectives of Black women are largely ignored in various religious and academic discourses .
25 The Supreme Court possesses significantly greater capacity to engender progressive social change than reactionary rhetoric's suffusion of academic discourse would suggest.
26 However, this literature is not only an academic discourse on and against which the author is building his own academic argument.
27 Outside a purely academic discourse , public interest mainly concerns the relationship between Nazism and Occultism, and between Nazism and Christianity.
28 Categories help to sort and understand the world we live in , both in academic discourse as well as in daily lives.
29 There has been a huge amount of academic discourse concerning the ontological and epistemological foundations of Critical Terrorism Studies (CTS).
30 The notion of French exceptionalism is deeply embedded in the nation's self-image and in a range of political and academic discourses .
31 The Court of Appeal's decision and the amendments to the Constitution and the ISA which followed have sparked much academic discourse .
32 A lot of these people go to universities and give lectures and are, in a sense, part of academic discourse and contributing to it in a way that's very obvious to them.
33 However, we feel that the school's chosen course represents a drastic overreaction to a hypothetical threat – and a dangerous precedent for the Athenaeum and for academic discourse at CMC.
34 In academic discourse , racial fetishism is a postcolonialist term found in the writings of authors such as Homi K. Pornography in Japan is large and intertwined business of adult entertainment with unique characteristics that readily distinguish it from western pornography.
35 For more than 140 years, Saint Peter's University has strived to fulfill its mission as a Jesuit, Catholic institution by offering the opportunity to enter into sophisticated academic discourse ; by creating pathways to work for social justice; by contributing cutting-edge research; and by continuing to positively enhance the reputation of higher education in New Jersey.
36 For those determined to seek him out, Brecht's legacy is a rich cultural vein that has survived all attempts by fascism, Stalinism and modern academic discourse to destroy its revolutionary content and warp its significance.
37 He did this, to boot, in a sometimes playful punning style of writing and of thinking–he was a great and early admirer of James Joyce–that violated the protocols of received academic discourse , a transgression that even the Marxists had avoided.
38 The adversarial, judgmental, and partisan approach often found in meetings, politics, news reporting, and scientific and academic discourse encourages us to resist change rather than be a part of it and guide it.
39 When he does produce these propositions he does so through ironic positive politeness, more precisely through superficially observing the approbation maxim: Anderson's irony here is much more successful than that which he uses when arguing with the captain in scene six (where his ironic statements concerning human rights in Czechoslovakia actually prompt the captain to ask further awkward questions (pp. 70-1)), because he exploits the potential ambiguity of the academic discourse appropriate to a lecture.
40 There are numerous ways to enter into, explore, and visualize Vector's and although those who would rather download a text may be disappointed, those enthusiastic about expanding forms and of academic discourse will find Vectors a winding and welcome addition." - Jody Zellen, Net Art News, Rhizome .