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1 There are four main academic journals covering inverse problems in general.
2 She contributed to academic journals of philosophy.
3 They also favor separate academic journals and professional societies.
4 Students must publish papers in internationally renowned academic journals for graduation.
5 She has published widely in academic journals and books .
6 Academics publish and review for many closed academic journals .
7 She has published various articles in Chinese academic journals .
8 But the court doesn't exist to review academic journals .
9 Academic journals and books are a great source of information.
10 Boston University is home to several academic journals and publications.
11 IMHO, academic journals do not serve society very well.
12 Often, professors and students co-author papers published in academic journals .
13 It is an active research area, with numerous dedicated academic journals .
14 He has written more than sixty articles for popular and academic journals .
15 Most university research is aimed at gaining publication in peer reviewed academic journals .
16 Rethinking Schools is not an academic journal .
17 Academic journals to scribble in the margins ?
18 Information about the program has been published in the academic journal literature.
19 Project findings will be published in the academic journal Pharmacy Education.
20 Until 2000, only a few articles in academic journals addressed purchasing skills.
21 It provides searchable digitized copies of articles from over l ,000 academic journals .
22 A heterodox economist, Rothbard refused to publish in academic journals .
23 However scientific and academic journals are now reporting studies which confirm the link.
24 A few of Wetzels' academic journal publications are listed alphabetically here.
25 Academic journals do not directly benefit society (as you noted).
26 Neuroethics Academic journal , editor: Neil Levy.
27 Some academic journals have codes of ethics that specifically refer to self-plagiarism.
28 In my opinion, all academic journals should be fully and freely online.
29 First, we relied on academic journals or official government or university reports.
30 Her published work includes children's literature, textbooks, and academic journals .
31 Most academic work is published in academic journal article, book or thesis form.
32 The UoC publishes some of the key academic journals in the country.
33 It contained a total of 110,000 books along with academic journals and DVDs.
34 Might as well take out the middleman and subsidize academic journals directly .
35 Peer-reviewed academic journals include the "Cato Journal" and "Regulation".
36 Further more, his editorial skills translated into the publishing of several academic journals .
37 Funding bodies and academic journals that value " novelty" over replication deserve blame too.
38 Division 32 publishes its own academic journal called "The Humanistic Psychologist".
39 SPARC 's members include research libraries that pay for costly access to academic journals .
40 He has published dozens of articles in top-tier academic journals , and p..