academic life

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1 I can't imagine academic life without the medication.
2 Potter's humorous insights into academic life were widely praised.
3 My grandparents didn't push me towards academic life .
4 Usually used as a stepping stone for academic life .
5 You know , the academic life is wonderful.
6 Your college plays a crucial role in your academic life .
7 Radhakrishnan was awarded scholarships throughout his academic life .
8 Łódź is a thriving center of academic life .
9 Three notable stages can be identified in his academic life .
10 All this leads to a distortion in academic life .
11 The west campus is the center of academic life of the university.
12 He has a responsible job, not in politics or academic life .
13 But the academic life was not to be Susoâs calling.
14 Conferences held in strange places are a part of every academic's life .
15 He wrote a column on academic life , often criticising his university peers.
16 Not unexpectedly, this officer left the police and moved into academic life .
17 He respectfully holds a PhD and should therefore be active in academic life .
18 Unfortunately, modern academic life is such that compiler effort at Kent has stalled.
19 They are seen as an important part of academic life in the School.
20 It encouraged independence, public-spiritedness, and ambition in professional and academic life .
21 The academic life contains reinforcing counterparts to the way in which extracurricular life is organized.
22 Academic life in the campus was interrupted when invading Japanese forces landed in Iloilo.
23 Over time, the struggle began to impact the academic life of the school.
24 I was living an academic life in Cambridge and I wanted more things going on .
25 The academic life on the campus includes seminars, symposia, special lectures and workshops.
26 His academic life focused on teaching chemistry and on research in physical-organic and medicinal chemistry.
27 Nicolae Iorga presented his cabinet's resignation in May 1932, returning to academic life .
28 Amis' work as a junior lecturer gave him inside information about the academic life .
29 Why not actually end the year with a bang for once in our academic lives ?
30 Less accomplished lecturers repeated the message at meetings of the second-rate institutions that infect academic life .
31 My academic life was suffering as I was constantly tired and always drowsy from the painkillers.
32 After additional travel in Greece and Turkey, Barth resumed his academic life in Berlin.
33 Required daily chapel was a ritual of academic life at Culver–Stockton from the beginning.
34 The students will enjoy unparalleled access to world-renowned faculty and collaborate in every facet of academic life .
35 But really these comments are the powder pink dusting on an essential element of the academic life .
36 Our mission is to enhance the personal, pinjaman pribadi bank rakyat professional and academic lives of.
37 As a result, they had notable interaction with the cultural and academic life of the university.
38 He wrote back rejecting the plan, stating that he did not want "an academic life .
39 So in some way we are a little protected in academic life from those sorts of things.
40 The tower has been used at times in New Zealand as a signifier of the academic life .