academic skills

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1 How did the activity help students build the targeted academic skills ?
2 A social worker needs to have good academic skills .
3 Students are judged by their ability to master specific academic skills .
4 His academic skills shine as he provides definitions and addresses compelling issues.
5 Understanding these concepts is vital to develop effective communication and academic skills .
6 Services include career counseling and assessment, academic skills development and personal counseling.
7 Complete the Test of Essential Academic Skills .
8 The ISC courses teach a mix of English and academic skills .
9 Mentors help with homework and can improve their mentees' academic skills .
10 Temporary foreign workers are often employed for jobs that require less education or academic skills .
11 In the first through fifth grades, we focus on developing core academic skills .
12 They outweigh everything else, including academic skills , in predicting lifelong achievement and happiness.
13 The GED Tests measure the academic skills and knowledge expected of high school graduates.
14 In the final year students take a standardized test to evaluate their academic skills .