academic study

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1 Some graduates choose further academic study at postgraduate level.
2 Also ideal for those interested in further academic study .
3 Academics study and analyse films in lecture rooms.
4 Many did not complete their academic studies .
5 A few academic studies from universities have emerged recently.
6 The website has received analysis from journalists and academics studying sexuality.
7 The curriculum is divided into academic studies and leadership development.
8 Selling as a topic has received very little academic study .
9 He continued with the required academic studies while recovering.
10 This has attracted a great deal of academic study .
11 These gardens facilitated the academic study of plants.
12 In both streams, academic studies are split into three categories.
13 Field Education is offered concurrently with academic study .
14 The academic study of musical instruments is called organology.
15 The academic study of the Soviet economy was unsuccessful.
16 However it remains a neglected field of academic study .
17 He published a number of academic studies during this period.
18 They have been the subject of recent academic study .
19 Academic studies paint a mixed picture, he said.
20 Academic study was not high on their short term goals.
21 These gardens were purely for the academic study of medicinal plants.
22 The academic study of names is called anthroponymy.
23 The academic study of salvation is called soteriology.
24 Fellowships support formal academic study , research or informal study.
25 The former NJROTC curriculum combined academic studies and leadership development.
26 The Parliament also stimulated the academic study of religions.
27 His hope of being supported for academic studies at Oxford ended.
28 The most thorough academic study of the Jewish liturgy ever written.
29 Such models of good governance also inform research and academic study .
30 These include an Academic Study option specially planned for overseas students.
31 Academic study of Barbadian music remains limited.
32 Ages are roughly thirteen to fifteen with increased focus on academic studies .
33 The latter requires 30 credit hours of academic study and a thesis.
34 He completed his academic studies in Verona and Venice.
35 He also undertook academic studies of Gilbertese culture.
36 Commonsense as well as academic studies dictates otherwise.
37 There are also examples of academic studies into specific British cunning folk.
38 However, many academic studies have questioned the value of active management.
39 Care work is becoming a popular topic for academic study and discussion.
40 Academic study moves slowly and deliberately.