academic work

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1 These individuals are often academics working in a relevant area.
2 Academic work has always meant freedom for me.
3 This is often the case for special interest and academic works .
4 Other influential academic works focused on the development of gender.
5 In short he was deeply involved in academic work .
6 Most academic work is published in journal article or book form.
7 Academic work became challenging , vigorous and stimulating.
8 In legitimate academic work , financial support is gratefully acknowledged.
9 May I submit examples of my academic work ?
10 She is interested in this group's academic work .
11 Financial need along with strong academic work and community service is preferred.
12 AEI's working paper series includes developing academic works on economic issues.
13 Reason was a precondition of productive academic work .
14 Prior to her academic work she was a professional impact investor.
15 This involved her taking some leave from her academic work .
16 Training involves both academic work and apprenticeship and lasts one year.