academic writing

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1 This is particularly true of academic writing .
2 The register of academic writing is influenced by several different factors.
3 Why is academic writing on foreign affairs of such limited relevance?
4 Academic writing : clearly the main focus here.
5 Too much time spent with my nose n academic writing .
6 It is part journalese and part academic writing .
7 Most academic writing is strengthened by eliminating adverbs.
8 She said, "Nobody cares about feminist academic writing .
9 Sheyholislami said these skills are transferable to academic writing .
10 Koht's academic writing also encompassed the peace issue.
11 Circumlocution is omnipresent in today's academic writing .
12 In some academic writing , a claim is also called a thesis.
13 Editors solicit author input in selecting referees because academic writing typically is very specialized.
14 The academic writing of community college remedial students: Text and learner variables.
15 Most of my academic writing concerns practices of scientific and clinical knowledge-making.
16 Academic writing involves summarizing information, writing descriptions, making observations and explaining processes.
17 Norman disliked academic writings about her organization, seeing them as unfairly negative.
18 Especially if you advise on academic writing , insist on "one".
19 Conversely, readers will rarely find informal language of any sort in academic writing .
20 It wound up being a trope that was used consistently in contemporary academic writing .
21 In academic writing , the word " thesis " can mean two very different things.
22 The question has given rise to much debate in subsequent cases and in academic writings .
23 That book became the gold standard for academic writing and media reporting on the issue.
24 And I also have found that blogging has improved my academic writing as well.
25 This is why gathering background information and having past knowledge is so important in academic writing .
26 By contrast, within most humanities disciplines, an example of academic writing normally suffices.
27 Academic writing is different from journalism , so make sure you are writing the latter.
28 The secessions of Biafra and Katanga have frequently been compared in academic writing .
29 First Year Writing is satisfied by a general academic writing course, College Writing 112.
30 The school also offers the Walden Writing Center to help students with their academic writing .
31 It allowed me to expand my writing horizons beyond the dry data of my academic writing .
32 Often the method of organization for academic writing is given to you in the assignment itself.
33 It prepares students for successful management of research and academic writing in subsequent courses throughout the degree.