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1 Many conflicts are taking place amid general indifference.
2 That deal fell apart amid partisan finger pointing.
3 The election was held amid tight security.
4 The camp went ahead amid considerable worldwide publicity.
5 This proposition was accepted amid loud applause.
6 He was eventually sacked amid intense press attacks.
7 The merger was abandoned five months later amid falling oil prices.
8 It is often found growing amid normally colored death caps.
9 The app launch comes amid sluggish sales .
10 Mortgage refinancing activity decreased amid increasing interest rates.
11 It is set amid extensive grounds filled with fruit trees.
12 Funding costs rose amid renewed volatility in financial markets.
13 It set nestled amid trees down a short lane.
14 She had lived almost half her life amid violence.
15 His body was found amid the rubble minutes later.
16 The parking garage was finally demolished amid allegations of bid rigging.
17 It was forced amid financial struggles to sell major business lines.
18 Amid many distinguished male graduates was one woman.
19 Her character additions amid cast turnover were met with mixed reaction.
20 He was killed in 1950 amid convoluted circumstances.
21 The marriage was annulled amid some controversy.
22 The price growth is heated by high demand amid poor supply.
23 The school sits amid fields of green .
24 The matter was diluted amid rumors of disapproval .
25 The visit took place amid rising tensions between the countries .
26 One more detail which differs amid shoe buyers is value.
27 California's juvenile justice system has changed amid juvenile realignment.
28 The short man's answer was lost amid laughter.
29 In turn, dangerous situations arose amid preliminary cleanup operations.
30 Conrad's modest funeral took place amid great crowds.
31 Sunday 's celebration was held amid tight security precautions.
32 Both events will go ahead amid tightened security.
33 To ask why something happens it to seek order amid chaos.
34 The government warned of a military crackdown amid ongoing protests.
35 There were also fears of renewed clashes amid rising nationalist rhetoric.
36 Two people were reportedly killed amid the crisis.
37 There is one parish church amid the town.
38 This came amid slight turnover in the ownership group.
39 Two coaches left early in the season amid controversy.
40 Two benches sit amid the trees and plantings.