animals who

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1 They feel like domesticated animals who resent training.
2 There are known cases of wild animals who kill cute dogs .
3 Animals who inspire native tribes because they are natures perfection!
4 Human beings are not simple animals who bond for life .
5 It 's all those animals who keep doing it!
6 He meets all the wonderful animals who live there.
7 Human are social animals who need human-to-human contact to thrive.
8 This theater performance is about three Australian animals who followed their dream.
9 Isn't it the animals who live in these projects?
10 Rogers shows different sizes of eggs and the animals who lay them.
11 These cycles also influence the animals who prey on the lemmings.
12 In 1921 and 1922 the zoo obtained two animals who became great favourites.
13 A small nocturnal area showcases animals who have adapted to life at night.
14 Donkeys are famously the only animals who will eat thistles.
15 The animals who were good at hiding thanked her for this skill.
16 These ideas sound like the chattering animals who live in our branches.
17 We are not animals who are born and die on the same level.
18 There are three more animals who appear in one episode or a few.
19 They were very loving animals who cuddle with me every chance they got.
20 Language is another key indicator of animals who have greater potential to possess culture.
21 There are always some transient animals who hang around the edges of stable groups.
22 The Great Spirit gifted these boxes to the animals who existed before humans.
23 They now have no food or medication for the animals who did survive.
24 Alligator holes also attract other animals who congregate to feed on smaller prey.
25 As many as 64% of animals who arrive at U.S. shelters are euthanized.
26 Only those animals who were with their people could pass over Rainbow Bridge.
27 Best Friends is a haven for animals who come from really bad-luck situations.
28 I guess the animals who continue to suffer are seen as just acceptable collateral damage.
29 Summary: The team gets curious about other animals who play in the wild.
30 True - many animals who are in hospital do well when their owners visit.
31 Animals who are infected may have no symptoms, mild symptoms, or severe symptoms.
32 The "Blue Peter" pets are the animals who regularly appear on the programme.
33 We share this powerful emotional response with social animals who are bonded through relationship and attachment.
34 Other animals who were larger than it, fled at the sight of it.
35 The Dickin Medal is awarded to animals who display outstanding loyalty, bravery and courage.
36 There were animals who lived in the forest who went out hunting only at night.
37 A real hero protects and respects the animals who share this Earth , Mr. Love.
38 Human beings it seems are not the only animals who go in for worshipping idols.
39 They are also one of only a few wild animals who make their own toys.
40 The wild isn't to the animals who live there; it's their home.