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1 Avoid heavy steam shower much more twenty minutes.
2 Avoid skin boil suite possibly opening wounds.
3 Please avoid concentration intensive tasks until further notice.
4 It must avoid attacking biological life forms.
5 The language should avoid making too many different things similar.
6 Our proactive approach helps avoid such risks.
7 The normal commercial risk is thus completely avoided .
8 A careful plan may avoid several pitfalls.
9 A collective doubt helps avoid such mistakes.
10 Bank deposit insurance helps avoid bank runs.
11 Scott avoided using green screens unless necessary.
12 This avoids slowing down regular build flavors.
13 The prehistoric roads almost avoided river crossings.
14 You should still avoid making late payments whenever possible.
15 Much modern poetry avoids traditional rhyme schemes.
16 There are certain things pregnant women should avoid while exercising .
17 All fish except pirate perch were avoided .
18 To avoid injury stay off baggage belt.
19 These proceedings help landlords avoid financial loss.
20 Seeing parents versus avoiding bad personal experience?
21 Why does he keep avoiding answering direct questions?
22 This should avoid conflicting advice or approaches.
23 I already avoided consuming alcohol and pig meat.
24 Your physician might help you avoid negative interactions.
25 Avoid solutions that require too high performance machines.
26 Avoid using blank posts as hinge posts.
27 This will avoid nose surgery revision later.
28 A initial brands have avoided offering misuse results.
29 And many farmers avoid synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.
30 This includes avoiding making loud noises and using flash photography.
31 They learn very quickly to avoid traps.
32 You avoid plagiarism by giving credit where credit is due.
33 And please avoid going off on global warming.
34 It is always best to avoid sin.
35 The crop is often cut slightly green to avoid such loss.
36 Avoid lifting anything over 15 pounds until instructed otherwise.
37 The guidelines recommend that myeloma patients avoid live vaccines.
38 Silver and gold plated items are best avoided too.
39 Ads are locked to avoid accidental change.
40 Most other top trainers avoid such events.