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1 There were some really blatant ones too.
2 But these younger guys were blatant believers.
3 It is a rather blatant public affairs piece.
4 His blatant attempts to justify himself are equally telling.
5 Her behavior is ridiculous and was blatant .
6 The clearest example is the blatant remake.
7 There were accusations of blatant ballot box stuffing.
8 The article itself read as pretty blatant propaganda .
9 To say otherwise is blatant science denial .
10 Warriors score off a blatant forward pass .
11 So utterly "in yer face" blatant .
12 Any such statement is a blatant misunderstanding.
13 Faithful denounce the blatant violation of religious freedom.
14 The agenda is so blatant these days.
15 The media is going along with this blatant lie.
16 Surely that was a blatant red card?
17 This is blatant child abuse at any age.
18 The evidence for these blatant assertions is nowhere produced.
19 This government spends countless millions of taxpayer dollars on blatant propaganda .
20 Such blatant political exploitation of a tragedy is truly pathetic .
21 All the blatant false information and stock market manipulation .
22 The club owner had previously dismissed their complaints as blatant racism .
23 Both women suffered the blatant male prejudice of selection committees .
24 Dave is also showing his blatant double standards here.
25 This is a blatant attempt to control coverage.
26 That song is so blatant and evil.
27 Because yes, the symbolism has become blatant .
28 Jay Z has never been this blatant before.
29 Such behaviors sometimes are blatant , such as throwing objects.
30 It 's quite blatant – his interactions.
31 Their symbolism is, however, getting more blatant .
32 Those poor children too =( So blatant !
33 In contrast to the loud and blatant tune.
34 This is an example of a blatant security breach.
35 This is all so blatant it is becoming insulting.
36 It's a blatant conflict of interest.
37 Want to get around this blatant money grab?
38 I have never observed such blatant disrespect for the colony leadership.
39 How blatant is he going to get?
40 Where did this blatant disrespect come from.