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1 The tourist brochures show gleaming white sand.
2 Some names appear in several rival brochures .
3 A full colour brochure is available on request.
4 The tourist office can provide informative brochures .
5 The brochure does not list ingredient information.
6 A detailed departmental brochure is available on request.
7 They were impressed by professional looking brochures .
8 We produce marketing material including town signage and brochures .
9 The brochure and course catalogue are near completion.
10 They will produce slick looking brochures on investment strategies.
11 An all new company brochure has been released.
12 Product brochures generate interest in the offering.
13 For more information see our endowment brochure .
14 A shaped cut out leaflet or brochure .
15 This definitely looks better in brochures than practicality warrants.
16 A college makes a brochure on stalking.
17 The complete conference brochure is attached to this email.
18 Read the below brochures for more information.
19 This brochure may be downloaded and distributed.
20 Please view and distribute our descriptive brochure .
21 The comments in the results brochure are hardly defensive.
22 Our brochure for 2014 is available to download.
23 How are hotels advertised and promoted in tourist brochures .
24 A brochure detailing the service is available on request.
25 Please read our brochure for more details.
26 These first brochures were apparently produced in 1935.
27 The cruise brochure promised "absolute freedom from worry and responsibility.
28 What does yet another brochure offer these people?
29 For instance the brochure has a beautiful design.
30 Our colour brochure gives full details of these magnificent cruises.
31 To find out obtain our comprehensive full colour brochure .
32 A website is a brochure + time.
33 A brochure describing the course in detail is available.
34 Further details are available in the departmental postgraduate research brochure .
35 Further information is available in the departmental brochure .
36 A brochure is available from the company.
37 See inside this brochure for further details.
38 Click image to review a virtual brochure .
39 See the sales brochure for more details.
40 This is not stated clearly in travel brochures .