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1 His name became a byword for extreme luxury.
2 Byword "Good examples prevailing good instructions.
3 As a librarian, organization is the byword .
4 The Assad regime is a byword for corruption.
5 Her name has become a byword for this type of cake.
6 Performance, perception, and control are the bywords .
7 Icefields forever is the scenic byword here.
8 Care and service are the bywords of an Enterprise representative.
9 Nelson Mandela became a byword for virtue all the same.
10 But it also became a byword for its moral corruption.
11 One of the new bywords in health care is "antioxidants".
12 Until late antiquity Vulso's triumph remained a byword for luxury.
13 Moderation, caution and stability were his bywords .
14 Information Technology or IT is a byword in business or organizations.
15 Hubble , for many people, has become a byword for science.
16 Discretion in their use should still be the byword .
17 It has become a byword for stalemate, attrition and futility in conflict.
18 On their lips, "Victorian" became a byword for bad taste.
19 His name became on a sudden a byword and term for opprobrium.
20 Britain was a byword for strikes.
21 The roses of Praeneste were a byword for profusion and beauty.
22 Liminality is the byword of a self-reflexive human being.
23 Each is a byword for cutting-edge technology, style, dynamics and aesthetics.
24 The Logis de France inns were a byword for a slightly dull respectability.
25 It has become a byword for being a financial basket case and for infighting.
26 The word 'Swampy' has become a byword for environmental activists and activism.
27 In the 1980s the Mobutu regime became a byword for mismanagement and corruption.
28 I love Byword for Mac but my absolute favorite markdown editor is called Draft.
29 Israel will then become a byword and an object of ridicule among all peoples .
30 Lloyd was a byword for commercial shipping and is now a part of Hapag-Lloyd.
31 Yet the phrase "defeat the Qing and restore the Ming" became a byword .
32 Alastair Sim Collection Much-loved actor Alastair Sim is a byword for classic British comedy.
33 Together Tree and Cunard made Glitter Bay a byword for refined relaxation on winter holidays.
34 Don't expect a straightforward story – "unexpected" and "funny" are the bywords here.
35 His reputedly Herculean virility long remained a byword throughout the district over which he held sway.
36 Allure should be the byword .
37 Allure should be the byword .
38 He was, on the contrary, bourgeois to the roots and a byword for merriment.
39 During this period, her talent at accumulating wealth became a byword among the old Hollywood élite.
40 The book, however, quickly became a byword for unwholesomeness among mainstream critics of the day.