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1 The carnival had shops selling different types of food.
2 It shows four children wearing carnival masks and costumes.
3 Carnival games raise money quickly if parents donate small prizes .
4 The album weaves enchanting melodies and carnival themes.
5 There are several different musical forms featured during Carnival .
6 A class action suit was later filed against Carnival .
7 The most popular are used during the carnival .
8 The theme for this series was carnival .
9 He owns an island filled with various carnival rides.
10 Private patronage also appears in carnival songs.
11 Carnival has 140 employees resident at the port.
12 An atmosphere of carnival surrounds such a tree.
13 She has decided to leave the carnival .
14 Carnival is viewed in the same light.
15 But the protests otherwise had a carnival feel .
16 Carnival has another circus on its hands .
17 A carnival few fairs even attempt to match.
18 Did playing card games gave origin to Carnival customs?
19 There are more than 400 Vienna balls each carnival season.
20 The more free stuff Carnival gives away the less profits.
21 That night, the street carnival officially begins.
22 The German traditional carnival includes many humorous and traditional elements.
23 Three main parades take place during Carnival .
24 Therefore Carnival serves to reinforce status quo social norms.
25 The drink is especially drank at Carnival .
26 The carnival is closely associated with Venetian masks.
27 That will sell lots more Carnival cruise tickets .
28 This is my 3rd Carnival cruise.
29 The Carnival Imagination offers 2 main dining rooms.
30 Not checking visa requirements before departure Carnival Rio !
31 Josh is such a wonderful asset to Carnival .
32 They all have provided coffee, tea etc including carnival .
33 The carnival was unlike anything we've seen at camp before.
34 And she had went to the carnival .
35 Not sure yet on the Carnival cards.
36 I hear that Carnival is evaluating the membership rewards program.
37 Lose your lunch on our carnival thrill rides.
38 Just watch the video about a carnival parade.
39 There's no hiding under the carnival tent.
40 The Carnival is the most famous event.