carry out research

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1 Experimental cognitive psychologists carry out research on reasoning behaviour.
2 We carried out research and found various websites in operation.
3 It also carries out research on practical school education.
4 Hungry teachers can neither teach well nor carry out research .
5 You would like to carry out research ?
6 Pavlov famously carried out research on dogs.
7 The students carried out research in universities and at the library .
8 The Wing does not follow a preset ideology while carrying out research .
9 It carries out research and development on bio-control of crops.
10 It also carries out research into Third World needs for microcomputers.
11 There is an opportunity to carry out research with a strong international content.
12 Krill Architecture is carrying out research into desakotas in Indonesia.
13 Bancks carried out research such as watching a programme based on teenage suicide.
14 The IPCC does not carry out research nor does it monitor climate related data.
15 People who hold these posts are deemed able to carry out research without supervision.
16 Their party will carry out research on the hole in the Ozone layer.
17 Dunn stated that she carried out research into the subject before filming the storyline.
18 Warwick carries out research in artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering, control systems and robotics.
19 To carry out research to ensure microbiological quality and safety in fresh and processed products.
20 This means that Van den Heuvel carries out research into the brain's connections.
21 Carry out research into ecology.
22 LIRANS carries out research in three broad areas: cryobiology, environmental change and sensors.
23 At the very least , a video of scientists carrying out research will be exhibited.
24 The group also condemns the Government for failing to carry out research into its effectiveness.
25 He says that they need to carry out research into the effects of the pills.
26 He was particularly inspired by Dr. William Murdoch, and carried out research for him.
27 For students, graduate students and teachers there are all conditions for carrying out research work.
28 Nwokolo also carried out research especially relevant to the terrible war conditions of starvation and malnutrition.
29 Since full retirement he has continued to carry out research , to write and to lecture.
30 The role will also require you to carry out research activities and assist with business development.
31 This possibly led to the idea of founding a group of contemporaries to carry out research .
32 Edinburgh is an excellent centre in which to carry out research in the history of art.
33 Practical, easy-to-follow introduction to carrying out research with rather than on street and working children.
34 He immediately carried out research in malaria and kala azar, for which he was assigned.
35 The Centre carries out research and drafts reports and recommendations for EDB's member-state Governments.
36 It also trains personnel, and carries out research to improve the quality of the protheses.
37 It also carries out research with, or on behalf of, academic and commercial organisations.
38 It carries out research directed by and towards the highly demanding aeronautical, aerospace and defence sectors.
39 There are, too, a number of experimental ways of carrying out research into magazine ads.
40 He was in charge of carrying out research in the fields of the botany and entomology.