cash grant

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1 Thinking in case you would qualify for a free Cash Grant ?
2 Some of the funding would come from an EU cash grant .
3 What can corporations and businesses help us with other than cash grants ?
4 Cash grants , eliminate the need for a partner to utilize tax credits.
5 Scholarship is in the form of cash grant of Rs 15,000 per year.
6 But none of these are any proposals to reduce existing cash grants to voluntary bodies.
7 Superstore first time homebuyer programs cash grant free loans never repay grants money keep it.
8 They can give cash grants , issue patents, offer prizes, or provide tax breaks.
9 A cash grant of $17,300 from the United Kingdom was received on November 8.
10 Cash grants provide necessities such as beds, bedding and essential items of furniture and household equipment.
11 Wanting to know in case you would likely qualify for a no cost Cash Grant ?
12 With that program, investors can receive a cash grant covering up to 30 percent of their investment.
13 An important part of this work is the provision of cash grants to visually impaired people in need.
14 And GA would welcome a cash grant like that the government gave the AEF. - Ed.
15 The United Nations Children's Fund provided a cash grant of $20,000 to all the affected islands.
16 Officers are required to purchase the caps, belts and shoes for which they are given a cash grant .
17 Upon return to Côte d 'Ivoire, former refugees receive a cash grant , food and non-food items.
18 This $50.00 payment is 'disregarded' by the Welfare Department when calculating the family's cash grant benefit.
19 In Qamishly , UNHCR has since last week given cash grants to more than 10,000 people (1,895 families).
20 You will receive a Scholarship Application to complete and return to the Academy for consideration of an educational cash grant .
21 In August 2000 a one-off cash grant was paid to taxi owners who replaced their diesel taxi with an LPG one.
22 It also gives cash grants to local senior meal programs throughout the country to assist in providing meals and other nutrition services.
23 Even with subsidies, including tax incentives and cash grants , most are struggling to narrow the cost gap with fossil fuels.
24 In 2007, Direct Relief made two recent cash grants totaling $95,000 to groups dedicated to providing care to earthquake-affected communities.
25 The Cash Grant is for students who can show that they require financial help in paying for all of the related program fees that accompany many courses of study.
26 Massachusetts Cash Grant : If you need helping paying for your tuition but also need help paying for other types of college or university fees then this grant opportunity may be for you in 2012.
27 The Public Assistance (PA) scheme provides monthly cash grants to a group of needy Singaporeans who are unable to work due to old age, illness or disability.
28 The new incentive, called R&D Incentive for Start-Up Enterprises (or RISE), will allow them to convert immediately these losses into a cash grant of up to about $20,000.
29 Corporate, government, and foundation cash grants to subversives might be one way to derail the train of insurrection that Hegelian theory predicted would arise against every ruling class.
30 Despite the legal responsibility for airport security, the Airlines were not investigated or prosecuted for the purported failings of 9-11 – instead, they were REWARDED with cash grants , tax breaks and loans.
31 Where to find government money for your business (SmartBrief) The federal government awards cash grants to small businesses every year, but unless you operate in a handful of industries such as biotech, health care or clean energy, you're better off pursuing state and local awards, writes Louise Lee, who offers tips for getting your share of government grants.
32 The organization then presented him with a cash grant , a visa for Argentina, and a boat ticket, and helped him bring to an end the drifting confusion and poverty of the postwar years.
33 Patrick Jenevein , CEO of the Dallas-based Tang Energy Group, posted a Wall Street Journal article noting that since 2009, wind farm developers like his company have been able to get a cash grant or tax credit covering up to 30% of their capital investment in a new project.
34 The last few UN COP meetings resulted in commitments of $30 billion in "fast start" climate finance, however, developed world nations, reeling from weak economies, have been slow to provide actual cash grants .
35 Applicants were given cash grants , usually no more than £75, and trusted to use it for the purpose they had proposed - such as buying a bicycle to do a newspaper round, obtaining equipment for a camping trip, or acquiring the wherewithal to learn a new skill or a sport.
36 A complaint by a group of American Wind Tower manufacturers lists 40 subsidy and assistance programs ranging from cash grants and subsidized steel to tax breaks.
37 Since HopeLine started in 2001, Verizon has donated more than 150,000 phones to domestic violence and survivors and awarded millions of dollars in cash grants to its related partner agencies.
38 These unaccountable cash grants , which have flowed to the poorest nations in the Southern Hemisphere for 50 years, have done nothing to transform the impoverished.
39 The book, published by University of Chicago Press in 2012, is winner of the Mershon Center's Edgar S. Furniss Book Award . The winning author receives a cash grant and is invited to speak about the book at Mershon Center.
40 CTB's community contributions take many forms e.g. cash grants , sponsorship, donations in kind, as well as the time, effort and skills that CTB people put into the communities in which they live and work.