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1 As her blood drain slows she becomes catatonic .
2 There are two primary manifestations of catatonic behavior.
3 Some women and children have become exceptionally withdrawn or almost catatonic .
4 He seemed catatonic , unable to move or speak.
5 She wakes from her catatonic state and seems confused.
6 Lohan visits his catatonic mother in a retirement home.
7 Having witnessed her father's murder she becomes catatonic .
8 The revelation leaves her in a catatonic state.
9 It may progress to ( catatonic ) rigidity.
10 There's a mother and catatonic child.
11 Our air conditioning is out and I am close to catatonic .
12 She said she found him in a " catatonic " state.
13 Eventually, Laura slips into a catatonic state.
14 Subtype classifications – such as catatonic and paranoid schizophrenia – are removed.
15 Despite its popularity, the game can leave a player catatonic .
16 I was left catatonic as I could never have achieved that.
17 She is catatonic , and Charles is deeply affected by this.
18 Sophia remains in a catatonic state for a long time afterwards.
19 While waiting for the group's return, Savage becomes catatonic .
20 However, he then goes into a catatonic state.
21 There is a catatonic subtype of schizophrenia.
22 Marlo is left in a catatonic state.
23 In the end, FI was officially diagnosed with catatonic schizophrenia.
24 Subaru's shock and heartbreak leave him catatonic .
25 If I act catatonic maybe she'll go back to sleep.
26 Not as catatonic as the viewers at home, I fear.
27 Then this project, and now I' m nearly catatonic .
28 Catatonic Consumer : This woman looks transfixed with designer bags.
29 Soon he 's sleepwalking and going into catatonic states.
30 He instead saved her, though she was in a catatonic state.
31 The new vampire simply sits on the floor in a catatonic state.
32 A second symptom could be negative symptoms or severely disorganized or catatonic behaviour.
33 Andrea was again hospitalized and stayed in a catatonic state for 10 days.
34 I think he was categorizing it as catatonic or something.
35 Symptoms can include catatonic stupor and waxy flexibility.
36 She is later found suffering severe psychological shock that renders her catatonic and mute.
37 She was catatonic and nothing the doctors could do for her helped.
38 More than once, for example, the machine has been rendered catatonic .
39 This only works on sleeping, unconscious, delirious or catatonic characters.
40 After killing Reina in a rage, her personality becomes almost catatonic .