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1 In certain areas actual faults are visible.
2 Sometimes certain eye colors appear very attractive.
3 On certain battlefields animal sounds are used.
4 The beauty behind certain handbags is undeniable.
5 For certain applications however steam is effective.
6 Most franchise businesses are granted exclusive franchises within certain geographic boundaries.
7 Certain areas were excluded re aquifer related flow parameters.
8 The agreement is conditional upon certain environmental investigations.
9 Certain supplements may actually encourage tumor growth.
10 A data warehouse makes finding certain data much easier.
11 All secret societies share certain fundamental themes.
12 A hydraulic system operating principle has certain consequences.
13 For certain conditions full bath is obligatory.
14 These generally test whether certain fields match certain regular expressions.
15 These generally test whether certain fields match certain regular expressions.
16 A construction manager should possess certain traits.
17 Certain complex options strategies carry additional risk.
18 I understand hotels blocking certain premium dates.
19 Perhaps certain psychological characteristics constrain language processing.
20 Certain specified business tax credits are allowed.
21 Islam still permits polygamy under certain specified conditions.
22 Certain departments employ officers whose primary function is foot patrol.
23 The regional boundaries primarily indicate where certain characteristics require special attention.
24 A secret alternate ending is unlocked once certain conditions are met.
25 My problem was finding certain character narrative concerns.
26 In certain areas "clay" soils regularly support corn cotton.
27 In certain places mixed vegetation types are present.
28 Lifetime gifts within certain limits are completely exempt.
29 Only certain arcade machines had 2 player support.
30 The reform movement soon split along certain doctrinal lines.
31 Certain uniquely determined grammatical elements present special problems.
32 Within each phase certain service activities are present.
33 Nonetheless certain deficiencies were noted almost immediately.
34 Certain field specialty code letters were reserved.
35 In 1994 conservation regulations were introduced banning certain fishing methods.
36 But modern scholarship has been less certain .
37 Certain trees need permits before being removed.
38 Separate taxes are assessed against each taxpayer meeting certain minimum criteria.
39 Each republican magistrate held certain constitutional powers.
40 The structure makes clear why certain residues are highly conserved.