11.91 hits per million
1 This image is heavily circulating around social networks.
2 A counterfeit list was framed and circulated .
3 Could one cell circulate under each plate?
4 Membership secretary circulated the latest membership list.
5 Members list with full personal details are circulated among fellow members.
6 Yet fresh new blood is always circulating !
7 A consultation paper was circulated electronically to key stakeholders.
8 Normal hormone feedback will prevent excessive circulating levels.
9 Your body uses circulating testosterone to build muscle mass.
10 Cold air must circulate to help keep food safe.
11 Documents from each faction were subsequently circulated .
12 The project produced 16 reports that were widely circulated .
13 The minutes were circulated within 24 hours urging follow up action.
14 The lead coins circulated together with copper coins.
15 Newly discovered exploits circulate among these hackers.
16 There were several helicopters spotted circulating the school.
17 The air was circulated by four 10 ft wide fans.
18 This letter circulated widely in manuscript form.
19 These words circulate throughout occult and magical circles.
20 An initial draft programme was circulated for comments.
21 Millions more citizens signed petitions circulating throughout the country.
22 Islamic literature is being translated and circulated .
23 All the circulated versions still read " lawful access.
24 General recordings items circulate for 28 days.
25 Six thousand campaign leaflets have already been circulated .
26 His lectures were printed each week and circulated widely.
27 They circulated throughout society, fueling rumors.
28 Temperature was regulated by an external circulating water heater.
29 Foreign journalists generally circulated without hindrance from the authorities.
30 The current design was first circulated in 1957.
31 Until then kindly circulate this information widely.
32 This allows air to circulate through the trays.
33 The recommendations presented herein are preliminary and circulated for public discussion.
34 A rebuttal was printed in pamphlet form and circulated widely.
35 The circulating nurse noted that the patient was already shaved.
36 Keep it *very* well circulated .
37 Way too many lies and misconceptions are being circulated right now.
38 Will circulate more as a discussion item.
39 Further information is being circulated to the classes concerned.
40 A monthly bulletin is prepared and circulated to each section.