5.17 hits per million
1 A counterfeit list was framed and circulated .
2 Membership secretary circulated the latest membership list.
3 Members list with full personal details are circulated among fellow members.
4 A consultation paper was circulated electronically to key stakeholders.
5 Documents from each faction were subsequently circulated .
6 The project produced 16 reports that were widely circulated .
7 The minutes were circulated within 24 hours urging follow up action.
8 The lead coins circulated together with copper coins.
9 The air was circulated by four 10 ft wide fans.
10 This letter circulated widely in manuscript form.
11 An initial draft programme was circulated for comments.
12 Islamic literature is being translated and circulated .
13 All the circulated versions still read " lawful access.
14 Six thousand campaign leaflets have already been circulated .
15 His lectures were printed each week and circulated widely.
16 They circulated throughout society, fueling rumors.
17 Foreign journalists generally circulated without hindrance from the authorities.
18 The current design was first circulated in 1957.
19 The recommendations presented herein are preliminary and circulated for public discussion.
20 A rebuttal was printed in pamphlet form and circulated widely.
21 Keep it *very* well circulated .
22 Way too many lies and misconceptions are being circulated right now.
23 Further information is being circulated to the classes concerned.
24 A monthly bulletin is prepared and circulated to each section.
25 This is a $20 gold coin that never circulated officially.
26 Water is constantly being circulated in this cycle.
27 These six magazines once ranked among the most widely circulated .
28 Over 1 million volumes are circulated to library users every year.
29 Rumors circulated that the stage was sinking.
30 Rumors have circulated that malware is present.
31 Empty information frames are continuously circulated on the ring.
32 These stamps circulated in the postal system.
33 The field circulated safely through the first lap.
34 This latter set of 17 propositions also circulated separately.
35 They circulated in permanent sets of six.
36 A second anonymous letter then appears and is circulated .
37 International speakers regularly contribute and the papers presented are widely circulated .
38 The video was widely circulated in television and internet news broadcasts.
39 The union circulated all its branches accordingly.
40 Both were widely circulated and well received.