cognitive skills

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1 Are cognitive skills taught the same as procedural skills?
2 Beyond a certain basic level, cognitive skills are not crucial.
3 The research generally focuses on cognitive skills other than attention.
4 Television and the shaping of cognitive skills .
5 This enhances spatial relationships and reasoning, and cognitive skills development.
6 It also says something about his cognitive skills .
7 Cognitive skills include problem solving, creativity, imagination and memory.
8 Cognitive skills : Cognitive skills are how children organise information.
9 Cognitive skills: Cognitive skills are how children organise information.
10 Play encourages growth, exploration and development of social and cognitive skills .
11 Cognitive skills develop through a process.
12 Cognitive skills make emotional relations possible, and emotional relations motivate cognitive skills.
13 Cognitive skills make emotional relations possible, and emotional relations motivate cognitive skills .
14 She also confirmed a specific link between gross motor skills and cognitive skills .
15 Education should contribute to the development of a workforce with cognitive skills .
16 Psychologists use tests that examine the cognitive skills of the child.
17 He used his cognitive skills and his hypotheses to develop three main complexes.
18 Your children build and practice cognitive skills , shape recognition, visual spatial skills.
19 The fallacy of this premature focus on cognitive skills ... is now evident.
20 A 1999 study looked at social cognitive skills in general-population children and adolescents.
21 This makes it hard to relate subcomponents of cognitive skills to brain function.
22 The study will test several hypotheses about the relation between perceptual and cognitive skills .
23 Cognitive skills are part of the brains impact to help children understand the world.
24 Additionally, the solution emphasizes individualized learning, cognitive skills training and time management.
25 Knowledge without the cognitive skills required to interact with it is of limited value.
26 Boys scored highest on knowledge , while girls led in environmental attitudes and cognitive skills .
27 Cognitive skills to identify colors, count and follow picture, written or verbal directions.
28 Patients can, by attending training, have their sensory and cognitive skills enhanced.
29 Do the characteristics like interpersonal and cognitive skills really matter in your field?17.
30 However, even kids with normal to high intelligence often have unevenly developed cognitive skills .
31 At Higher Level we enhance all of our athletes' motor and cognitive skills .
32 Proper cognitive skills such as critical thinking are supplanted with cognitive dissonance and its resultant accommodation.
33 They worried about autistic people who are quite verbal or who have typical cognitive skills .
34 The study also measured basic cognitive skills including memory , attention span, and general intelligence.
35 Find out how the disability affects the learning process and what cognitive skills are involved.
36 This endeavor has expanded as a teletherapy application for cognitive skills enhancement programs for school children.
37 The Habits of Mind are the dispositions that incline us towards using our cognitive skills .
38 Adolescents gradually develop cognitive skills which allow them to understand or speculate what others are thinking.
39 One cannot separate a baby's affective development from his developing perceptual and cognitive skills .
40 Depending on the location of the brain injury, cognitive skills and memory may be impaired.