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1 Congolese resistance against colonialism was widespread and took many different forms.
2 Asian pride emerged prominently during European colonialism .
3 It was colonialism turned on its head.
4 The patterns of colonialism were continued and intensified during apartheid.
5 The main watershed was the end of colonialism .
6 Many modern states originated out of colonialism .
7 This attitude was used to justify slavery and colonialism .
8 The ways are all closed for colonialism .
9 German colonialism instead turned towards the European continent.
10 After colonialism , what was absolutely necessary was debate.
11 Igbo are almost entirely Christian, having converted heavily under colonialism .
12 This national sentiment has arisen as a specific response to colonialism .
13 There is no "norm" of European colonialism .
14 Indian independence followed from the Japanese fight against western colonialism .
15 The monarchy remains a symbol of imperialism and colonialism .
16 These mostly converted during the modern era or under French colonialism .
17 War and colonialism still influence international relations to a large extent.
18 This was also the essence of colonialism .
19 European colonialism bears most of the blame.
20 This was not why Americans revolted against British colonialism .
21 That is called colonialism ; that is called imperialism....
22 East Timor also demonstrate Portuguese influence through colonialism .
23 Primarily, Belgian colonialism stressed physical and social differences.
24 The family held French citizenship but opposed French colonialism .
25 He strengthened European alliances while withdrawing support from European colonialism .
26 In principle, both nations were opposed to European colonialism .
27 After four hundred years, colonialism is loosening its grip.
28 Their stated goal was the end of colonialism in Malaya.
29 Sounds like were back in 18 Century colonialism .
30 That 's always been a part of colonialism and conquest.
31 Discuss the role that colonialism plays in the novella.
32 I suppose the most corrupt act of all is colonialism itself.
33 Imperialism has often been the impetus for colonialism .
34 Historians have linked the birth of museums to colonialism .
35 Such arguments have been used as a pretext for colonialism .
36 For black people, similarly, colonialism has left its imprint.
37 For Africans, colonialism was introduced across nearly all the continent.
38 One of these is the importance of colonialism .
39 I searched for a name that would suggest colonialism .
40 So a little left over colonialism for you .