comparative research

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1 All have considerable experience of international comparative research .
2 The intention of the comparative research by Black et al .
3 Oslo: Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture.
4 Focal points are comparative research on Europe and investigating the European integration process.
5 In comparative research , either an emic or an etic approach can be applied.
6 The Bureau's comparative research programme comprises a continuing analysis of model properties and forecast performance.
7 Its major research areas are comparative research on Europe and research on the European integration process.
8 Haughley was the first long-term comparative research project measuring results from organic and chemically based farming.
9 In comparative research a minimum of two objects or cases has to be taken into account.
10 In my own comparative research , one such source stands out as the most credible and accurate.
11 The "avoidance strategy" is regarded as the simplest approach when dealing with theoretical diversity of comparative research .
12 In comparative research international research teams have to face "difficulties that arise from differences in academic cultures".
13 Another solution is to consider all research done thus far on the history of Chinese philosophy as comparative research .
14 This unusual combination of human and veterinary scientists is tasked with creating a roadmap for comparative research in PF.
15 The Mellon Foundation's Sawyer Seminars program supports comparative research on the historical and cultural sources of contemporary developments.
16 More recent comparative research into journalism and journalism culture also include works by Deuze, Donsbach and Splichal & Sparks.
17 It serves as an important reminder to would-be commentators that political rhetoric is no substitute for real comparative research on Japan.
18 This is basically a research-based centre, promoting research in the field of Assamese linguistics, translation studies and comparative research .
19 The knowledge is the result of a comparative research , lectures and presentation, and a lectureship by Jan Peter Wingender.
20 The physiological similarities between humans and other animals, especially primates, have led to more comparative research between the two groups.
21 The manuscript is based on a dissertation that received the APSA Ernst Haas Best Dissertation Award in European Politics and the Seymour Martin Lipset Best Dissertation Award from the Society for Comparative Research .
22 The Organizing Committee welcomes submission of papers and perspectives representing a broad range of viewpoints and that highlight relevant local, national or comparative research and practice in the following thematic areas of the conference.
23 As a researcher at the Center for Comparative Research in Social Welfare at the University of Stirling in the UK, she served as the lead researcher on German disability and employment policy in a 13-country comparative research study funded by the European Union.
24 As a researcher at the Center for Comparative Research in Social Welfare at the University of Stirling in the UK, she served as the lead researcher on German disability and employment policy in a 13-country comparative research study funded by the European Union.
25 The objective would be to advance our ability to do synthetic and comparative research in archaeology and, at the same time, to promote the long-term preservation of irreplaceable archaeological data, along with the metadata that make them meaningful.
26 The marine, urban, and rangeland studies featured in the symposium demonstrated the value of an integrated, long term, comparative research program in socio-ecological research, and point to new policy options for managing environmental change.
27 In addition, the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics (HCMA) has undertaken extensive comparative research within 15 provinces to understand drivers and factors influencing provincial performances.
28 Comparative research on children without implants receiving parallel support services should also be conducted, especially those for whom sign language is the primary form of communication.
29 In carrying out these in-depth studies, standard procedures followed in international comparative research on social welfare policies and services were used (see, for example, Kahn and Kamerman, 1976; Rodgers, 1979; Higgins, 1981).
30 As noted earlier, the findings reported here flow from an international comparative research programme that has been sustained over a seven-year period, beginning in 1983.
31 On the other hand, comparative research of the laws and especially commercial practices demonstrate that even in the Civil Law countries the principle of performance must be limited.
32 In the field of the comparative research in collaboration with other European institutions the Seminar of Aesthetics offers the European Cultural Studies programe.
33 This volume explores one of the crucial intersections of political and economic change: how the reform of the central state in the form of policies of decentralization has affected democratic governance in different countries and at different levels of society.The book is a product of a two-year project on decentralization which included both national-level and comparative research .
34 This book comes to the unique conclusion that while animals can be successfully used for many endeavors in science such as basic and comparative research , they cannot be used to predict drug and disease response in humans.
35 There are various clinical types within schizophrenics, such as delusion types and dissociation types, because the possibility of changes due to clinical progress needs to be considered, in the future, comparative research considering things of this nature is thought to be necessary.
36 It was CAMbrella's intention to enable meaningful, reliable comparative research and communication within Europe and to create a sustainable structure and policy.
37 Independent European institute founded in 1993, working through members and co-operating partners to undertake comparative research in the arts, cultural policy, the media and cultural development.
38 It'd be nice to see some comparative research on this come in but of course, as we already know research on female-male rape is heresy in the Estrogen Ghetto (psychology) and to the feminists who rape academe these days.
39 More or less in the same years about 300 B.C. the greatest pupil of Aristotle, Theophrastus, became interested in Jewish customs within the context of his comparative researches on Piety.
40 Tanja van der Lippe and Liset van Dijk, " Comparative Research on Women's Employment," Annual Review of Sociology 28 (2002): 221-41. 39.