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1 Public school teachers already are compensated above fair market rates.
2 ALL medical expert witnesses are financially compensated .
3 Govt employees are compensated more holiday benefits .
4 It is prior carried to compensate ration cell manufacturers.
5 The producers compensated those who closed plants.
6 Care services in elderly care centres were compensated additionally.
7 Now question is what is compensated foundation?
8 All labor is voluntary and never formally compensated .
9 Not feeling appreciated or compensated sufficiently 3.
10 The coal power stations are not compensated .
11 These losses are compensated by turbulent transport.
12 These presumably sank too fast for compensating reef growth.
13 Smaller wages are compensated by more frequent earning.
14 The stores can separately compensate service hours to doxycycline thin polls.
15 The courts may award damages to compensate for those expenses.
16 Call is compensated with a monthly bonus.
17 Chuck compensated for my relatively poor eyesight.
18 He was never compensated and still lives in relative poverty.
19 To compensate for potential technical problems we included 17 additional patients.
20 Statutory holidays are compensated by the employer.
21 Are all stakeholders being satisfied or compensated ?
22 Technique used to compensate for communications channel distortions.
23 Find ones own standing i for compensating cases.
24 The difference in voltage loop is compensated by software.
25 Do not compensate for slower ascent rates.
26 The government promised to compensate families and help cover medical bills.
27 The club has never been compensated for these losses.
28 The deficit is compensated by rainwater and underground sources.
29 Spotify has been accused of failing to compensate artists fairly.
30 Management clearly identifies all risks and employs compensating factors mitigating concerns.
31 Some tigers compensate by crossing their eyes.
32 The shorter lunches are compensated by the longer classes.
33 This was compensated by the car weighing 100 kg more.
34 How are the financial advisors or financial representatives compensated ?
35 A commercial pilot may be compensated for flying.
36 Will you compensate the innocent family victims?
37 Sometimes the body may compensate by making abnormally large platelets.
38 Dallas was compensated with a player allocation.
39 All those muscles are an obvious attempt to compensate .
40 These are described as depth compensated or partially depth compensated systems.