conduct research

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1 Charlotte is conducting research into tropical forest restoration.
2 Not all graduate real estate programs conduct research .
3 Everyone has the right to conduct research .
4 I am conducting research and broadening my skill sets.
5 DO conduct research about your subject matter.
6 Neither of these entities directly conducts research studies.
7 It also conducts research on animal behaviour.
8 Student teams conduct research projects on historic buildings and sites.
9 Media scholars are conducting research to promote awareness of information overload.
10 Syria has conducted research and produced weapons of mass destruction.
11 They then conduct research projects focusing on the same mathematical concepts.
12 She conducts research about relationships at work.
13 Large sums of money were granted to universities to conduct research .
14 Conduct research before your stay at the hotel.
15 It conducts research and encourages stake holder to provide their input.
16 Conduct research from a variety of sources.
17 He is currently conducting research in higher education and the afterlife.
18 It also conducts research in several fields where it operates .
19 The consumers could conduct research online before coming to the store.
20 After graduating, Stevenson conducted research in biochemistry.
21 Williams spent four months conducting research and exploration aboard the orbiting laboratory.
22 Simon faculty members conduct research on issues which cross traditional functional lines.
23 Its main focus is staff who are employed primarily to conduct research .
24 CNSs who conduct research typically need a doctoral degree.
25 She also conducted research regarding papermaking and acid testing.
26 He makes frequent trips to Ireland to conduct research for clients.
27 Russia has conducted research in the Arctic for decades.
28 Manage your colonies , deploy your fleets and conduct research .
29 All students conduct research independently, or as part of teams.
30 Greenwald has also conducted research in social persuasion.
31 Conducting research in this environment presented daunting challenges.
32 The Bay's wildlife specialists conducted research on them.
33 He teaches and conducts research in the field of organizational behavior.
34 PERC also conducts research in international economic development.
35 Various networks and institutes conduct research and teach Lean Construction.
36 They conduct research in order to comprehend any differences or similarities.
37 These centers conduct research , develop and update the University departments.
38 Pioneer conducts research and advocacy in the area of education reform.
39 This also applies to people conducting research or surveys .
40 He conducts research on the ecology and biodiversity of beetles .