considerable research

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1 The distribution of spatial attention has been subject to considerable research .
2 There is considerable research into inequalities in health care.
3 McCarthy conducted considerable research to write the book.
4 I did considerable research about on-line degrees.
5 There is also considerable research on protein stability and folding.
6 The community reinforcement approach has considerable research supporting it as efficacious.
7 Considerable research effort is now directed at urban conservation biology.
8 Thus, again there is considerable research underway in the subject.
9 Considerable research and development has been done with this important plant.
10 Considerable research went into the Shuttle computer system.
11 Thus, considerable research has been applied to speeding up the problem.
12 Considerable research and planning goes into finding just the right spot.
13 Considerable research went into the designing of this item.
14 Despite considerable research , the etiology of keratoconus remains unclear.
15 There has been considerable research into the question of low pay in agriculture.
16 Both these models have had considerable research success for both efficacy and effectiveness.
17 There has been considerable research comparing the interrelated processes of climate change and agriculture.
18 Considerable research was undertaken into the original Superspec home at Colchester.
19 In 2001, the IMF conducted considerable research that opposes a transaction tax.
20 Considerable research has recently focused on how antioxidant vitamins may reduce cardiovascular disease risk.
21 Considerable research has been devoted to the reduction of the vigilance decrement.
22 To understand and overcome the barriers to treatment adherence, considerable research is needed.
23 Moore has obviously done considerable research himself, on the topic of whale research.
24 Considerable research effort was put into various solutions to securing a second-strike capability.
25 There has been considerable research done on the effect of low-level radiation on humans.
26 Considerable research has been done into these possible cognitive-behavioral deficits but studies are inconclusive.
27 Dr. Bushman also neglects to mention considerable research that conflicts with his views .
28 Despite considerable research , the underlying nature of ventricular fibrillation is still not completely understood.
29 Considerable research took place in the 1960s to develop alternative stabilizers for trichloroethylene.
30 Considerable research activity, studying the many treatments individually or in combination, is ongoing.
31 Unfortunately, no effective gall bladder plug has been developed despite considerable research in this field.
32 Despite considerable research and investment a large discrepancy exists between human and computer recognition of speech.
33 Considerable research has shown a connection between self-efficacy and succ ess in science fields.
34 For this reason, considerable research has been put into designing planforms for sustained supersonic cruise.
35 The theta range and the border area between alpha and theta has generated considerable research interest.
36 The debate spawned considerable research and analysis of data from the growing number of longitudinal studies.
37 However considerable research has demonstrated that zinc nanoparticles are not absorbed into the bloodstream in vivo.
38 It may involve considerable research , thought, modeling, interactive adjustment, and re-design.
39 After considerable research , it was decided to employ the Sponge-Jet® method of paint removal.
40 Considerable research suggests that predominantly female occupations pay less, even controlling for individual and workplace characteristics.