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1 Another controversial investment is cash value life insurance.
2 The controversial issue has garnered international attention.
3 The tactic has often been extremely controversial .
4 The controversial proposal included creating many individual fences.
5 The word "cult" has been controversial .
6 The 1985 supplemental draft was particularly controversial .
7 The selection process is controversial amongst students.
8 The answers put forward are often controversial .
9 One particularly controversial issue is affirmative action.
10 The production was considered controversial long before filming began.
11 The placebo effect has been controversial throughout history.
12 Most developed nations maintain controversial agricultural tariffs.
13 The second problem has been more controversial .
14 Liquid biofuels used for transport are particularly controversial .
15 Some records live controversial shows of centre.
16 The most effective dose is still controversial .
17 Passive consent is controversial and has already upset parents.
18 But his pronouncements are often highly controversial .
19 Use of dietary supplements during cancer treatment remains controversial .
20 The school quickly became embroiled in controversial protest.
21 The most controversial issues impacting public school students today.
22 The role of food allergy is controversial .
23 The imposition of copyright has been controversial .
24 This "assumption" is not controversial .
25 Some issues such as welfare are more controversial .
26 The scholar is entitled to discuss controversial issues.
27 The judgment was controversial and much criticised.
28 Public funding of campaigns is very controversial .
29 The results obtained from reconnaissance were controversial .
30 The results for fiscal policy remain controversial .
31 Both the legislative proposals were highly controversial among traditional school interests.
32 The term "land grabbing" is itself a controversial issue.
33 Whether this fully justifies striking women remains controversial .
34 The decay theory is a controversial topic amongst modern psychologists.
35 The music video was controversial and received mixed reviews.
36 The mine has been and remains controversial .
37 Another controversial area is the trailing interest issue.
38 The actual mechanism behind the catastrophic brain swelling is controversial .
39 The classification of disease types is somewhat controversial .
40 Laser root canal procedures are a controversial innovation.