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1 This arrangement has however sparked several controversies .
2 Some controversies are permitted and others are forbidden.
3 That is why problems involving several people often become controversies .
4 See section in genetically modified food controversies .
5 This game was marred by several controversies .
6 We held daily controversies upon this subject.
7 The game was enhanced by several controversies .
8 Later controversies would center around scientific misconduct.
9 His provocative style however often led to controversies .
10 Sometimes controversies involve disputes over whether agency data was cited properly.
11 Some controversies took place during the qualifications.
12 The possibility of human cloning has raised controversies .
13 His playing career was occasionally graced with other controversies .
14 Environmental disputes have been increasingly figuring into controversies between sovereign governments.
15 Very great controversies have been moved concerning this.
16 This period has been marked by repeated controversies and scandals.
17 The field of psychological injury is beset by controversies .
18 A number of controversies surround this project.
19 A number of controversies took place during the election campaign.
20 Their music video for their title track sparked controversies .
21 The film had its own share of controversies .
22 Several major news stories and controversies appeared throughout the 2007 campaign.
23 The disease has also become subject to many controversies involving religion.
24 Using term paper mills brings up some ethical controversies .
25 There are also many controversies about "hidden" unemployment.
26 The plant has generated controversies with respect to environmental impact.
27 There are even controversies on hand held cellular phones.
28 Schmidt has publicly expressed his thoughts on various baseball controversies .
29 Both papers thrived in the ensuing controversies .
30 Ross has been involved in controversies throughout his broadcasting career.
31 The season was marked with many controversies and injuries.
32 Clemens has been the focal point of several controversies .
33 He was the subject of numerous controversies .
34 The government should steer clear of all such controversies .
35 One of them is called contemporary controversies .
36 The controversies of the past are still echoed today.
37 And yes, there are many controversies within evolution.
38 President Obama currently involved in five intense controversies .
39 Further controversies plagued Day following the election.
40 Three major theological controversies occurred during Manuel's reign.