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1 The drum beat is a core element of hip hop production.
2 The third core element refers to standard of living.
3 Movie posters are essentially the core element of home theater decor.
4 The core elements are emblems, scarf and sash.
5 The internet is now a core element of modern political campaigns.
6 Another core element is the importance of experimentation and failure .
7 They're core elements of American imperial wars.
8 This is the core element of my hypothesis this week.
9 The core elements moved to away from centricity .
10 A core element of JiTT is interactive lectures.
11 An armored division has become the core element of a strategic reserve.
12 Several political figures have embraced core elements of Putinism.
13 The core element of Luhmann's theory is communication.
14 Traceability is the core element of the system.
15 Core elements of these criticisms and their rejoinders are listed below.
16 The core element of many district heating systems is a heat-only boiler station.
17 It is a core element of Canada 's Food Security Strategy.
18 All fifteen Dublin Core elements are used in the OLAC metadata set.
19 The core element of the UVC is its segment-based memory.
20 Blacklist brings back core elements of the Splinter Cell franchise .
21 As a result trends will develop, mostly based around the core elements discussed.
22 Specific objectives covered by the core elements of the proposed project are: 1.
23 A core element of Belgian nationalism was the scientific study of its national history.
24 You can have the core elements (temperature monitoring, remote access) easily.
25 Each turn of the spiral reinforces and extends the core elements of the process.
26 These are the core elements that we rely upon for all our major decisions.
27 Each sensor has magnetic core elements that can be viewed as two carefully matched halves.
28 The content names a Dublin Core element with which the extension may be used.
29 And that is why all NDEs have essential core elements which are the same.
30 A core element to BB 10 As long as it works I'm happy.
31 This immunity is a core element of an American citizen's right to religious freedom.
32 They preserve core elements of the Confucian cultural world, which revered ritual and propriety.
33 All of the core elements of email were widely used before Ayyadurai wrote his system.
34 It goes without saying that the executive is one of the state's core elements .
35 Women's leadership has been a core element of microfinance since the industry's inception.
36 The branding process can be used as a core element of a community involvement strategy.
37 This core element is believed by Crohmălniceanu to have been borrowed from "Rasputin.
38 Core elements form the basis, or foundation, for responding to any major event.
39 Core elements of the Lenze drive technology are servo geared motors and intelligent servo drives.
40 Public debate will always be one of the core elements of the Shangri-La Dialogue.