create conditions

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1 It does not create conditions of disease.
2 The Faculty also creates conditions to attract potential students from abroad.
3 The agricultural revolution is helped create conditions for the Industrial Revolution.
4 Minimal processing of vegetables can create conditions for microbial growth.
5 External aid creates conditions akin to those in oil-producing countries.
6 Lorazepam may create conditions where alternative answers come to mind more easily.
7 Let's create conditions for Biological Psychiatry to become paranoid.
8 The solution is to create conditions blue-green algae doesn't like!
9 Numerous air bases dotted the states - creating conditions for numerous training accidents.
10 Surface water that seeps underground can also create conditions ripe for litigation.
11 That creates conditions for a skewed balance of power between management and workforce.
12 Usun growth created conditions for a state independent from the Chuban.
13 Peacekeeping refers to activities that tend to create conditions that favor lasting peace.
14 The foundation intended to create conditions to exploit vulnerable workers , Sactwu believed.
15 This created conditions of severe eutrophication.
16 Alloxan is a chemical that damages insulin-producing cells and creates conditions for diabetes.
17 The first is to maintain or create conditions under which profitable capital accumulation is possible.
18 The combination of strong winds and warm and moist air created conditions favorable for strong thunderstorms.
19 High rates of growth in production created conditions for raising living standards of the people.
20 Communication, reflexively, creates conditions for the process of acquisition to take place.
21 Did an unusually favorable climate create conditions for a new political order under Chinggis Khan?
22 Post-invasion chaos created conditions under which the cultural foundations of the state could be undermined.
23 Cooling groundwater or mixing of different groundwaters will also create conditions suitable for cave formation.
24 The distribution of wealth is completely unfair and helps to create conditions for hatred and violence.
25 Social conflict is endemic in capitalist societies until social transformation creates conditions for greater justice and equality.
26 It is, however, relatively easy to create conditions under which people will teach themselves.
27 Restore your body to a balanced energy state creating conditions supporting internal equilibrium and good health.
28 The failures of the past 12 years created conditions in which such a crisis could occur.
29 Studies of heavier quarks are conducted in artificially created conditions , such as in particle accelerators.
30 The initial push was intended to create conditions favouring attacks on Zadar, Šibenik and Split.
31 CROWLEY: We continue to engage the parties in creating conditions for a return to negotiations.
32 These weather conditions coupled with an above normal grass fuel loading created conditions for an active fire season.
33 If a house is artificially humidified during the winter, this can create conditions favorable to mold.
34 The extended summer dryness often creates conditions that spark forest fires, from dry-lightning or man-made causes.
35 Sears documents the mistakes American farmers made in creating conditions that led to the disastrous Dust Bowl.
36 Cyclones can whip up water and wind , creating conditions that can impact local climate and conditions.
37 The Estado Novo regime economic policy encouraged and created conditions for the formation of large business conglomerates.
38 The local geology created conditions that kept many a foundation repair company with quite a backlog of work.
39 This, in turn, created conditions for the emergence of new and development of traditional industries.
40 The company cut corners in order to save some money, creating conditions for the leak to occur.