create conditions

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1 It does not create conditions of disease.
2 The Faculty also creates conditions to attract potential students from abroad.
3 The agricultural revolution is helped create conditions for the Industrial Revolution.
4 Minimal processing of vegetables can create conditions for microbial growth.
5 External aid creates conditions akin to those in oil-producing countries.
6 Lorazepam may create conditions where alternative answers come to mind more easily.
7 Let's create conditions for Biological Psychiatry to become paranoid.
8 The solution is to create conditions blue-green algae doesn't like!
9 Numerous air bases dotted the states - creating conditions for numerous training accidents.
10 Surface water that seeps underground can also create conditions ripe for litigation.
11 That creates conditions for a skewed balance of power between management and workforce.
12 Usun growth created conditions for a state independent from the Chuban.
13 Peacekeeping refers to activities that tend to create conditions that favor lasting peace.
14 The foundation intended to create conditions to exploit vulnerable workers , Sactwu believed.
15 This created conditions of severe eutrophication.
16 Alloxan is a chemical that damages insulin-producing cells and creates conditions for diabetes.
17 The first is to maintain or create conditions under which profitable capital accumulation is possible.