57.4 hits per million
1 The alternate gameplay styles polarized many critics .
2 The character has received generally positive reviews among critics .
3 Neither convert nor critic is obviously wrong.
4 The crackdown against critics has been relentless .
5 The answer most cult critics provide is relatively simple.
6 But critics question whether it is becoming too powerful.
7 Critics tone down attacks on legal reform plans.
8 This is what critics are already asking?
9 Other critics are concerned that technology reduces socialization opportunities.
10 The video drew supporters and critics alike.
11 The film received mixed reviews from critics .
12 The film received generally positive reviews by critics .
13 The film was generally received positively by critics .
14 The film received generally positive reviews from critics .
15 Matt has received mostly positive attention from critics .
16 The remix gathered positive reaction from music critics .
17 These infrequent exhibitions were received very positively by critics .
18 The episode overall received mixed reviews from critics .
19 The soundtrack was critically acclaimed by critics .
20 The video received widespread acclaim from critics .
21 The video had mixed reception from critics .
22 The episode received near universal acclaim from critics .
23 The film received widespread critical acclaim from critics .
24 The storyline received positive attention from critics .
25 The novel has been warmly received by critics .
26 Short narratives were thus highly appreciated by literary critics .
27 The song received mainly mixed reviews from critics .
28 Cinema audiences responded more positively than critics .
29 So conservative critics typically emphasize "continuity" over change.
30 The album received critical acclaim from popular critics .
31 Critics gave the video very positive reviews.
32 The tour has received mostly positive reception from critics .
33 Ric has generally received favourable reviews from critics .
34 The song has received general critical acclaim from music critics .
35 Some critics distinguish between space opera and planetary romance.
36 The series finale received generally positive reactions from critics .
37 The video was heavily praised by critics .
38 The album received favorable reviews from critics .
39 The episode received great acclaim among the critics .
40 The response from critics has been amazing.