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1 The outstanding customer service is very critical .
2 That means effective medical practice management is critical .
3 The application process guides candidates through several critical business issues.
4 The eighteenth century has long divided critical opinion.
5 We explore critical social issues through creative processes.
6 This critical mass is approximately 50 kg.
7 The managerial role has three critical features.
8 The album received mainly positive critical feedback.
9 These implications popularized critical making among institutions.
10 WrestleMania 29 received generally mixed critical reception.
11 The second season received widespread critical acclaim.
12 Her clinical background is adult critical care.
13 Its caves are therefore protected during critical months.
14 The fifth season once again received mostly positive critical reception.
15 This is why labor market information is critical .
16 The song received generally mixed critical reviews.
17 The critical consensus was 11⁄2 thumbs down.
18 The general critical reception was warmly enthusiastic.
19 The album still attracts mixed critical commentary.
20 The film received mostly poor critical reviews.
21 The character has received mostly positive critical reception.
22 The film received near universal critical acclaim.
23 The character has enjoyed positive critical reception.
24 The movie received critical acclaim upon release.
25 Rocket engine ignition systems are especially critical .
26 Another critical factor has been ballot access law.
27 This is why immediate medical treatment is critical .
28 Internal subject matter experts are still critical .
29 The critical word here is" each".
30 To explain why students need critical thinking skills.
31 The current situation is thus quite critical .
32 Every vote was critical – including mine.
33 An alcoholic might face many critical problems.
34 That makes those 4 home games potentially critical games.
35 Gay rugby had reached a critical mass.
36 A critical analysis involves more in depth writing.
37 Speed is critical in aerial surf maneuvers.
38 Capacity is being expanded in critical areas.
39 Both daily newspapers frequently are critical of government policies.
40 Despite critical success the book sold poorly.