14.33 hits per million
1 The traditional huge monthly information pack is particularly criticised .
2 This "opportunity" has been criticised .
3 There are many reasons to criticise crowdfunding.
4 Supply side economics has been criticised for benefiting high income earners.
5 The policy was highly criticised by human rights groups.
6 The judgment was controversial and much criticised .
7 His remarks were strongly criticised by commentators.
8 Some internal design features have been criticised .
9 The mental health professions have themselves been criticised .
10 Israel criticised the opening citing security concerns.
11 This action was both praised and criticised .
12 The company has been heavily criticised for fair usage policy.
13 The next issue published letters criticising the attribution.
14 The report was criticised as "politically motivated".
15 This argument was widely criticised following the case.
16 The fund has criticised companies that voluntarily adopt high environmental standards.
17 Pink has often been criticised for unstable programming schedule.
18 Sharif was heavily criticised for ordering internationally.
19 This has been widely criticised by independent media groups.
20 The rule has often been criticised by writers.
21 The concrete constructed design has been widely criticised for being ugly.
22 This election campaign has been criticised for being negative.
23 The choice of venue was criticised widely.
24 Teachers were criticised for allowing bad behaviour.
25 The service has been criticised as selling manufactured profiles .
26 Dyer had been officially criticised and had retired .
27 So criticising a client is not smart.
28 Within every religion there is plenty to criticise .
29 He recommended "caution in publicly criticising the study".
30 NICE has been criticised for being too slow to reach decisions.
31 However scientific management has also been criticised by many authors.
32 Yet finding someone prepared to criticise a garden is very difficult.
33 This speech was criticised on social media for being illogical.
34 The visit was criticised by republican and socialist groups.
35 Louis has often been criticised for his vanity.
36 Her vocals have been both lauded and criticised .
37 She was criticised by judges the last few weeks before eviction.
38 The initial response of authorities and politicians was heavily criticised .
39 This remark was criticised as offensive and inaccurate.
40 He was widely criticised for this article.