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1 I guess constructive criticism is necessary though.
2 The bloom stays till criticism is heard.
3 This monopoly position is therefore totally beyond criticism .
4 The drafting process met harsh public criticism .
5 This was later replaced following viewer criticism .
6 These criticisms are generally considered minor issues.
7 Companies offering speedy payday loans are coming under increased criticism .
8 A possible replacement is already drawing criticism .
9 The former operates primarily through vertical monologue and criticism .
10 His bill brought strong criticism from environmental groups.
11 Teach independent thinking and responsible social criticism .
12 My criticisms are mostly minor and personal.
13 He had criticisms for both political parties.
14 This flexibility drew criticism from radical feminists.
15 Something similar is true of literary criticism .
16 This is one area where modern criticism has notably failed.
17 Criticism from certain quarters means squat against clear thinking.
18 The criticism was purely political in nature.
19 The own criticism almost does its hostility medications.
20 His fame made criticism sharper and more wounding.
21 Criticism ultimately is more useful than praise.
22 These current criteria are subject to criticism .
23 I hope my constructive criticism is appreciated.
24 Further criticism targeted disrupted working patterns and salaries.
25 The term "professional criticism " is applied in several ways.
26 That reality is essential for effective factual criticism .
27 The test has been subjected to severe criticism .
28 The series received negative criticism before its initial release.
29 This criticism is shared with social control theories.
30 Congressional criticism of drone strikes has been rare.
31 Another significant criticism involves accusations of social exclusion.
32 Published art criticism and articles since 1978.
33 Much criticism was leveled against the ambiguous ending.
34 The sources of ecclesiastical history were studied via historical criticism .
35 The criticisms of digital art are many.
36 The film has been subject to serious academic criticism .
37 His role and presence attracted much criticism .
38 The monarchy received increased criticism and public scrutiny.
39 The media does carry criticism of government policy.
40 His criticism echoed the auto labor unions.