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1 The internal critique is more searching still.
2 This article is about writing great critiques .
3 A " critique by mail" is another option.
4 And three budget analysts offer their differing critiques .
5 A longer and more scholarly traditional conservative critique .
6 These critiques became more fervent a few months later.
7 Most critiques combine elements of both strains.
8 Daniel takes the critique personally –very personally.
9 The current "standard critique ratio" is 1 to 1.
10 She too, is given positive critique .
11 Another critique specifically asks: why religion?
12 It is required by the transcendental critique .
13 Chris focuses and filters the audience critique .
14 However nostalgia is always the subject of ambivalent critique .
15 Having others critique me is also helpful.
16 Feminist scholars have often voiced this very same critique .
17 Our critique focused squarely on the text.
18 Most critiques focus correctly on its poor commercialization performance.
19 Writers wait while critique partners and beta readers read their words.
20 To denounce or " critique " the world?
21 This debate provides a useful indirect critique of hybrid institutions.
22 The final critique is probably the most serious.
23 It develops a critique of industrial civilization.
24 Myers explains and critiques the following five prose styles.
25 A different strain of critique has emerged from gender studies.
26 Later critiques of the film remained positive.
27 The stylistic range is evident from modern day critiques .
28 Giving critique is not an easy task.
29 Not to mention failed attempts at aesthetic critique .
30 The critiques of these talks need much clearer highlighting .
31 There are four roles in any critique session.
32 Good critique of both capitalism and law itself.
33 I stand firmly by my original critique .
34 Some of the methodological critiques are correct.
35 We " critique " everything, including each other.
36 The focus is on providing timely, helpful critiques .
37 Both critique society, albeit in different forms.
38 A Marxist critique of social contract theory.
39 Protest is not enough, nor critiques .
40 Don't listen and critique yourself while singing.