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1 Tamil cuisine groups dishes under five slightly overlapping categories.
2 The elegant restaurant offers fine cuisine and bar snacks are available.
3 The quality and imaginative cuisine far exceeded expectations.
4 The indigenous cuisine is distinctive and influential.
5 Southern cuisine is quite common across the state.
6 These businesses sell local products and restaurants serves local cuisine .
7 Their cuisine includes many kinds of cheese.
8 Galician cuisine often uses fish and shellfish.
9 Our cuisine is basically a very natural cuisine.
10 Our cuisine is basically a very natural cuisine .
11 In the restaurant guests are offered traditional cuisine .
12 Indian cuisine is very regional and diverse.
13 The setting and sensational cuisine are grand!
14 The restaurants in town were great local cuisine – esp.
15 Lithuanian cuisine is generally unknown outside Lithuanian communities.
16 A relaxed version of our legendary cuisine .
17 Ah is understandably worried about the local cuisine .
18 Our international bar and cuisine specialize in vegetarian food.
19 They offer regional cuisine with a contemporary flair.
20 The atmosphere and cuisine are authentic and prices are reasonable.
21 The contemporary restaurant has an extensive menu with regional cuisine .
22 Good cuisine is all about those perfect taste combinations.
23 This is supported by our healthy vegetarian cuisine .
24 This is the infinite excitement of cuisine .
25 German cuisine varies from region to region.
26 Red algae are a traditional part of oriental cuisine .
27 Home cooked and restaurant cuisine sometimes vary in taste.
28 Palm oil is an essential ingredient in local cuisine .
29 Beijing cuisine is the local style of cooking.
30 Italy similarly was undergoing its own shift toward a national cuisine .
31 Greek cuisine is very old and began thousands of years ago.
32 Italian cuisine has developed over the centuries.
33 The city has restaurants specialized on international cuisine also.
34 There are two main ingredients in local cuisine .
35 Poppy seeds are commonly used in cuisine from many different cultures.
36 There are two main types of cuisine .
37 Indonesian cuisine varies greatly by region and has many different influences.
38 Nepalese cuisine is very popular in this area.
39 The cuisine served on festivals is generally the best.
40 When asked "what is your favourite cuisine ?