cultural aspect

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1 The second big challenge is the cultural aspect .
2 This Celtic origins still remains in certain cultural aspects .
3 Cultural aspects of trees: traditions and myth.
4 Cultural imperialism is defined as the cultural aspects of imperialism.
5 And also steering very much with the cultural aspect .
6 Cultural aspects also increase the prevalence of HIV infection.
7 Social and cultural aspects of modernization processes in Russia".
8 There appeared some changes in various cultural aspects in China.
9 Warriors were an especially apart of this cycle and cultural aspect .
10 In other cultural aspects Tibet is more connected to India.
11 Many azulejos chronicle major historical and cultural aspects of Portuguese history.
12 The two states had different political ideologies and different lingual cultural aspect .
13 In cultural aspect also, there must not be much disparity.
14 Meier stresses the cultural aspects of the movement and profiles key leaders.
15 Each student will produce a personal project based on one cultural aspect .
16 An example of a cultural aspect is the problem of composition validity.
17 It includes consideration of language, cultural aspects and religious and intellectual movements.
18 It celebrates many cultural aspects of Asian life, particularly music and dance.
19 Football culture refers to the cultural aspects surrounding the game of association football.
20 The Japanese program places greater emphasis on cultural aspects of Japanese language education.
21 Bowen wonders if there isn't a broader cultural aspect to this.
22 Many of the cultural aspects refer to the mute swan of Europe.
23 Cultural learning depends on how cultural aspects impact the children that surround it.
24 Understands the social and cultural aspects of the deaf perspective and deaf experience.
25 It is also "permanent culture" that covers environment designs and other cultural aspects .
26 It is also commonly used to denote the cultural aspects of traditionally Muslim people.
27 Tourism in Sarajevo is chiefly focused on historical, religious, and cultural aspects .
28 The cultural aspects – what was the philosophy behind the sculpture of the time?
29 Cultural aspects , an extensive site on about Romanian culture.
30 The cultural aspect is intriguing.
31 Everything that is given in nature has a potential object-function in the cultural aspect .
32 But there's a cultural aspect to this, as well, right?
33 If we use industry benchmarks, the cultural aspect of the data is mostly lost.
34 Economic, political, legal, social, cultural aspects of the international business management.
35 Putting aside cultural aspects of the question, I'm asking from a legal standpoint.
36 It was created in 1997 to connect Germany and Poland - mainly in cultural aspects .
37 Stone inscriptions from 1292 in the new script depict moral, intellectual and cultural aspects .
38 A lot of cultural aspects are very similar, which was very positive for the group.
39 The official use of the Belarusian language and other cultural aspects were limited by Moscow.
40 These included forced labour and their exclusion from all political and many cultural aspects of society.