cultural attitudes

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1 Cultural attitudes towards rain differ across the world.
2 Cultural attitudes toward returned victims of trafficking were often negative.
3 Conservative cultural attitudes prevents some girls from attending school.
4 And some parents may be discouraged by cultural attitudes .
5 There are also a lot of unfortunate cultural attitudes involved.
6 Cultural attitudes in general have to change.
7 As in China, cultural attitudes posed problems for family planning programs.
8 He does address the question, noting the changing cultural attitudes toward homosexuality.
9 The Fort William Henry massacre has shaped American cultural attitudes toward Indians.
10 Some critics read the poems as exposing and satirizing cultural attitudes toward women.
11 Examine how late 1800s leisure activities reflected prevailing social and cultural attitudes and values.
12 Many older acronyms provide fascinating examples of the development of language and changing cultural attitudes .
13 And the same goes for any approach based on moral injunctions or changing cultural attitudes .
14 This also led to an importation of Western cultural attitudes , especially in Central Europe.
15 NGOs welcomed the focus on cultural attitudes as well as on increasing resources for family planning.
16 There are also cultural attitudes against educating girls since education will only benefit her husband's household.
17 Another context is that peoples in developing nations resist to foreign media and preserve their cultural attitudes .
18 This is made possible by different cultural attitudes , secrecy in government and the sinews of party.
19 Wiltenburg examines how such literature expressed and shaped cultural attitudes while at the same time reinforcing governmental authority.
20 In retrospect I understand that my boyhood fantasies about Alaska were grounded in broader cultural attitudes about wilderness.