cultural attitudes

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1 Cultural attitudes towards rain differ across the world.
2 Cultural attitudes toward returned victims of trafficking were often negative.
3 Conservative cultural attitudes prevents some girls from attending school.
4 And some parents may be discouraged by cultural attitudes .
5 There are also a lot of unfortunate cultural attitudes involved.
6 Cultural attitudes in general have to change.
7 As in China, cultural attitudes posed problems for family planning programs.
8 He does address the question, noting the changing cultural attitudes toward homosexuality.
9 The Fort William Henry massacre has shaped American cultural attitudes toward Indians.
10 Some critics read the poems as exposing and satirizing cultural attitudes toward women.
11 Examine how late 1800s leisure activities reflected prevailing social and cultural attitudes and values.
12 Many older acronyms provide fascinating examples of the development of language and changing cultural attitudes .
13 And the same goes for any approach based on moral injunctions or changing cultural attitudes .
14 This also led to an importation of Western cultural attitudes , especially in Central Europe.
15 NGOs welcomed the focus on cultural attitudes as well as on increasing resources for family planning.
16 There are also cultural attitudes against educating girls since education will only benefit her husband's household.
17 Another context is that peoples in developing nations resist to foreign media and preserve their cultural attitudes .
18 This is made possible by different cultural attitudes , secrecy in government and the sinews of party.
19 Wiltenburg examines how such literature expressed and shaped cultural attitudes while at the same time reinforcing governmental authority.
20 In retrospect I understand that my boyhood fantasies about Alaska were grounded in broader cultural attitudes about wilderness.
21 He addresses the violence done against the cultural attitudes of Africans brought to this country to be enslaved.
22 I certainly agree that Native American cultural attitudes toward nature are fascinating, and something that can enrich us.
23 Cultural attitudes to risk adopted by regulators can significantly influence the regulatory compliance burden placed on those targeted by regulation.
24 If Louis were to rise to national prominence among such cultural attitudes , a change in management would be necessary.
25 Despite these socioeconomic transformations, cultural attitudes (especially concerning women's work) and legal precedents still reinforced sexual inequalities.
26 The transformation of gender relations, therefore, is reduced to a matter of changing cultural attitudes and values of gender.
27 Certain cultural attitudes , such as the forces that make many young women anorexic, are likewise of such a nature.
28 They consider behaviorist reaction to Wilhelm Wundt's introspectionism in psychology to be merely a legitimation of these cultural attitudes .
29 The December rape gripped India and led to calls for stricter laws on sexual assault and changes in cultural attitudes toward women .
30 Ruhama sees prostitution and the social and cultural attitudes which sustain it as being deeply rooted in gender inequality and social marginalisation.
31 The contact between the two had important consequences in lifestyle, social and cultural attitudes , as well as in spiritual practice.
32 Looking around her world, she tries to reconcile her education with the religious and cultural attitudes and superstitions of her community.
33 Sociologists Helen Rizzo, Abdel-Hamid Abdel-Latif, and Katherine Meyer explored cultural attitudes in majority Muslim countries subdivided by Arab and non-Arab.
34 Kiira Triea : Well, I believe that's all part of the cultural attitudes toward intersex children, and it's partly incorrect to simply demonize Money and say that he was completely nuts and he did those things.
35 Measures directly towards the amelioration of these conditions might be expected to contribute to the prevention of attempted suicide, although other factors - such as the availability of drugs, cultural attitudes , and the level of services available - might have a more immediate effect.
36 Unfortunately a quite common response to behavioral adversity in our society and has a lot to do with inherited mass cultural attitudes quite possibly an inherited cultural transmission of ideologies of personal fascism.
37 Regulation might be part of the answer, she believes, but also some kind of shift in cultural attitudes , of the kind that has lately attended smoking.
38 relating to the above themes, including surveys of current thinking on Viking religion and the frameworks proposed for the study of shamanism; claims for pre-Viking shamanism in Scandinavia and Europe, especially recent work on the Migration period; the cult of Óðinn and its rituals; gender boundaries and sexual concepts in Old Norse society, focusing on magic and studies of female ritual specialists; the concept of the soul; spirits and other supernatural beings; the material culture of seiðr and related practices; battle magic and the ritualisation of aggression; Viking Age cultural attitudes to animals; and lycanthropic, 'totemistic' beliefs relating to warriors.
39 Certainly, 'The Searchers' reflects the cultural attitudes and prevailing beliefs of its time, but still, is that really an excuse?