cultural boundary

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1 Ethnic nationalism assumes the establishment of certain relationships across cultural boundaries .
2 The allure of red certainly appears to cross cultural boundaries .
3 Cultural boundaries can be formidable barriers to communication.
4 Executive coaching across cultural boundaries : An interesting challenge facing coaches today.
5 Crossing cultural boundaries is a hallmark of the Corcoran experience.
6 We soon developed a special bond that overcame religious and cultural boundaries .
7 The TMA collection transcends temporal, geographical, and cultural boundaries .
8 There are countless other examples of the way sports can overcome cultural boundaries .
9 To illustrate miscommunication across these cultural boundaries , Kim uses the following example.
10 Engaging in debate across cultural boundaries .
11 This invisibility of culture is a significant barrier to successful communication across cultural boundaries .
12 B. Miscommunication is a natural event in the process of bridging cultural boundaries .
13 Concurrent introduction of metallurgy shows that some people must have crossed cultural boundaries .
14 It is a cultural boundary as it influences the distribution of customs and language.
15 Building institutions across cultural boundaries .
16 Innumerable conflicts have arisen where political boundaries did not correspond with ethnic or cultural boundaries .
17 His icons are meant to reach across cultural boundaries and to "offend all audiences equally.
18 Often meanings are lost because of cultural boundaries which do not allow such ideas to persist.
19 The cultural boundaries separating white Americans from other racial or ethnic categories are contested and always changing.
20 Mobile phones have emerged as a civic and campaign organizing tool across traditional socio-economic and cultural boundaries .
21 Stefan Goebel shows that medievalism as a mode of war commemoration transcended national and cultural boundaries .
22 The Stiftung also uses political dialogue as a tool to promote understanding across national and cultural boundaries .
23 Rice crosses all cultural boundaries and is a food that many people count on for their daily meals.
24 As a reaction, community identification intensified and religious and cultural boundary markers against the Sunni majority regained importance.
25 Thus, the ability to transcend language and cultural boundaries is paramount to achieving an effective global marketing strategy.
26 Our app style allows for an enriching and educational experience for children that spans across language and cultural boundaries .
27 And more and more young people were crossing racial and cultural boundaries to share the best of both worlds.
28 Beyond the inherent instability of the nation alluded to earlier, does globalization force us to redefine cultural boundaries ?
29 Regardless of language and culture, all people have a desire for friendship that bridges any cultural boundaries .
30 How freely have artists, art objects, and artistic concepts and practices moved across socio-political and cultural boundaries ?