cultural change

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1 Rapid cultural changes are taking place today.
2 The 20th century saw massive cultural changes .
3 Pearl is undergoing significant strategic and cultural change .
4 Cultural change is achieved by small steps .
5 But large-scale cultural change must start somewhere.
6 Whereas conservatives fear cultural change , modern liberals fear economic change.
7 It is a poem about cultural change .
8 Archaeological time period defined by cultural changes .
9 The key cultural change will be networking.
10 Cultural change is needed to stop teens from texting while driving.
11 Various scholars have proposed different theories of cultural change .
12 It was a period of rapid cultural change .
13 There were many cultural changes during that time.
14 Māori continued to experience significant cultural change during this century.
15 Several important cultural changes occurred during this time.
16 There are some quite important cultural changes playing a part.
17 What was also happening during this period was a cultural change .
18 This book describes a new interdisciplinary theory for explaining cultural change .
19 Accountability is a feature of our cultural change program.
20 An enquiry into the origins of cultural change ".
21 Universities have always been centers of positive social and cultural change .
22 But this approach would require a significant cultural change .
23 Conservatives also often resist and attempt to stop cultural changes .
24 It was a philosophical and a cultural change .
25 Griswold outlined another sociological approach to cultural change .
26 It's a cultural change , partly?
27 In one sense, cultural change is what we call development.
28 Spain's Imperial expansion brought with it profound cultural changes .
29 Few objects reflect this cultural change as distinctly as the chair .
30 In these ways do we observe political and cultural change .
31 The reality and the research scream for a cultural change .
32 For example, management promotes cultural change by endorsing risk and uncertainty.
33 Genetical evolution must therefore be a slower process than cultural change .
34 Socio cultural change - the key to social marketing success?
35 I think your going to see some very impressive cultural changes .
36 This allows for cultural continuity as well as for cultural change .
37 The roads of Roman Italy: mobility and cultural change .
38 A basic cultural change in norms, values, or reward systems .
39 The French administration imposed significant political and cultural changes on Vietnamese society.
40 Implementing the FMI: political clout or cultural change ?