cultural context

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1 All worship takes place within particular cultural contexts .
2 Every family has its own particular cultural context .
3 UFO experiences definitely reflect the surrounding cultural context .
4 How important are friends in different cultural contexts ?
5 Psychological complications are related to cultural context .
6 The meaning is bound in cultural context .
7 He explores religion within a rich cultural context .
8 They each exist in a different cultural context .
9 Know the cultural context and respond accordingly.
10 The self and social behavior in differing cultural contexts .
11 Buildings had to mean something within their cultural context .
12 The topic of insomnia is discussed in many cultural contexts .
13 No one lives outside a cultural context .
14 International dance classes emphasize dance in its varied cultural contexts .
15 Law does nothing and means nothing outside of its cultural context .
16 The social and cultural context of Pakistani society is predominantly patriarchal.
17 Your social and cultural context is doubtless different from my own .
18 We decode messages in personal, social and cultural contexts .
19 Our psychologies are shaped and formed in cultural contexts .
20 Constructs of masculinity vary across historical and cultural contexts .
21 The cross cultural context of both areas will also be discussed.
22 A sign has to work with its cultural context .
23 Witvliet: Cultural context is key here.
24 Each cultural context brings its own challenges and offers its own opportunities.
25 Immigrants particularly find it difficult to assimilate both their cultural contexts .
26 Cultural competency emphasizes the idea of effectively operating in different cultural contexts .
27 They are really aware that context matters, particularly the cultural context .
28 IMT as it is applied in cultural contexts varies.
29 Castella begins to insert himself into her cultural context .
30 The cultural contexts are too variable.
31 Examines the cultural context of the doctrine.
32 Human development in cultural context : A Third World perspective.
33 Whatever cultural context is taken, there will be schemata.
34 Readings will be analyzed in relation to cultural contexts .
35 Again, these techniques are revealingly similar in widely different cultural contexts .
36 One must interpret Jesus' actions in relation to his cultural context .
37 Arbore's contribution also made an impact outside its immediate cultural context .
38 In the world of ethnographic research, everything exists within a cultural context .
39 Instead the cultural contexts that existed previously continue basically unchanged by its presence.
40 Art is best appreciated and understood in its original historical and cultural context .