cultural influence

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1 The highly complex legal system reflects diverse cultural influences .
2 Integration is incomplete but strong cultural influences are transmitted.
3 Each frame of reference is constructed largely through cultural influences .
4 The diner's cultural influence continues today.
5 French cultural influences and the language remained prevalent.
6 More subtle forms of cultural influence also abound.
7 And my cultural influences are inevitably English.
8 Every breeding system evolves out of need and cultural influence .
9 Cultural influences on purchasing vary from country to country.
10 Central Asia absorbed cultural influences from the conflict.
11 The cultural influence of the Church has been vast.
12 Brooks discussed the cultural influences on the novel.
13 The results confirmed the importance of the cultural influence .
14 New superpowers emerged, and American cultural influences surged.
15 With Habsburg rule came a strengthening of German cultural influences .
16 The Andes mountains form a north-south axis of cultural influences .
17 Your cultural influences determine how you see the world.
18 Chinese cultural influences have always affected business and are increasingly so today.
19 The show's cultural influence goes far beyond its longevity and profitability.
20 Strong cultural influences also affected Romanian leanings, however.
21 The Rumble in the Jungle remains a large cultural influence .
22 Some of the best-known of these cultural influences are described below.
23 Cultural influences from the Roman Empire reached Estonia.
24 Central Asia also absorbed cultural influences from Tang China.
25 Some data on Indian cultural influences in South-East Asia.
26 Often areas of the Middle Colonies displayed prevalent Irish cultural influence .
27 The Iron Age marked the beginning of Celtic cultural influence .
28 The kingdom was the last to adopt Buddhism and foreign cultural influences .
29 Jazz has been a major vehicle for black cultural influence in Russia.
30 Recent Haitian and Dominican immigration has been producing many new cultural influences .
31 The Adena provided the greatest cultural influence in the state.
32 Evidence of heavy Chu cultural influence appears at Mawangdui.
33 Diverse cultural influences have required contemporary therapists to modify their world views.
34 Cultural influences in the area originate from both Asia and Europe.
35 As a cultural influence , its roots abound in the Quran.
36 The Japanese tried to remove all Western and American cultural influences .
37 These objects demonstrate a cultural influence from regions north of the Alps.
38 People take different approaches to coping with this problem of cultural influence .
39 Yes, infant-directed speech is subject to individual differences and cultural influences .
40 Psychological and cultural influences on Koreans' help-seeking attitudes.