cultural issue

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1 He says it is linked to cultural issues .
2 A cultural issue arises when considering sperm donation among Buddhists.
3 Nevertheless, the cultural issues remained unresolved.
4 Cultural issues affect world views and analyzability.
5 Failure to treat pain gets at a lot of cultural issues .
6 Social issues, cultural issues , the list goes on.
7 These linkages would not be limited to cultural issues .
8 There may also be cultural issues surrounding who should be educated .
9 Cultural issues , e.g. male dominant attitudes towards women in different cultures.
10 It's as much a cultural issue as an economic issue.
11 Much more salient were cultural issues .
12 Therefore our members are well-informed with love and cultural issues .
13 Finally, studies of moral development and cultural issues cover many subtopics.
14 It 's a cultural issue , not one of meat quality.
15 I usually refrain from commenting on cultural issues outside the United States.
16 Cultural issues also can obstruct people from fulfilling their deep inner needs.
17 However, fasting and dietary changes are affected by religious and cultural issues .
18 Many of these cultural issues force women to seek abortions in unsafe ways.
19 Used to assess unit cultural issues and target solutions to the base needs.
20 Damming the Nile has caused a number of environmental and cultural issues .
21 Judging by his silence, bin Laden cares little about such cultural issues .
22 Like everyone else, they debate with one another about controversial cultural issues .
23 Context also includes any social or cultural issues that may surround the situation.
24 To him, it's a cultural issue affecting classical music's survival.
25 Not to mention the tangle of environmental and cultural issues associated with hydro.
26 To facilitate informed discussion on artistic and cultural issues of interest to the community.
27 Here Paul cites this unique cultural issue of adoption so common in his day.
28 Not being able to understand cultural issues such as behaviour and customs is another big factor.
29 It is hard to resolve these issues because they're not just cultural issues .
30 Cultural issues often are glossed over in the midst of a dilemma or crisis.
31 I think there are big cultural issues there that are just not well understood.
32 This is a cultural issue .
33 The first two debates discussed the eight candidates' views on economic and cultural issues .
34 Attention will be paid to cultural issues of relevance in a New Zealand context.
35 Our diverse membership guarantees lively and enthusiastic debate of philosophical, scientific, and cultural issues .
36 Related to cultural issues , diversity of preferences within a society may contribute to economic inequality.
37 Most Africans are not aware of the modes of transmission which result from cultural issues .
38 She'll sign a memo, UN cultural issues at the Acropolis this afternoon.
39 Saving for retirement is more than a public policy problem: it is a cultural issue .
40 The use of such names is primarily a cultural issue , rather than a religious issue.