cultural norm

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1 By cultural norms regarding sexuality and reproduction?
2 Conservation efforts must also target cultural norms .
3 Asian cultures have developed different cultural norms .
4 Cultural norms can conflict with societal norms.
5 Further distinctions are heavily dependent on cultural norms and values.
6 Messages must cater to the cultural norm of society.
7 The party also requires that immigrants accept Finnish cultural norms .
8 And, cultural norms vary from country to country.
9 Lisa, cultural norms change over time.
10 Cultural norms stick around long after they 're relevant.
11 Society had established that as our " cultural norm ".
12 The white traders readily adapted to African social and cultural norms .
13 This is to reflect the various cultural norms in the game.
14 For many learners this includes language acquisition, cultural norms and manners.
15 It's attitudes and cultural norms of the time.
16 It's not the cultural norm in California.
17 How has this influenced cultural norms and risk-taking behavior in youth?
18 Stage 4 individuals focus on maintaining the social order and upholding cultural norms .
19 Even routine conversation is affected by cultural norms regarding the expression of emotions.
20 But other times it can be just kind of cultural norms .
21 In Eastern countries , the appetite for gold is a cultural norm .
22 However, cultural norms would often prioritized men in receiving these opportunities.
23 Transgressions and non-adherence to cultural norm manners commonly result in alienation.
24 Many forums also held questionable debates about immigrant behaviour and Chinese cultural norms .
25 One must be careful of differing social and cultural norms when examining bribery.
26 Not following cultural norms may transform a cooperative subject into a silent one.
27 In some societies, especially tribal societies, cannibalism is a cultural norm .
28 Proximity: Cultural norms dictate a comfortable distance for interaction with others.
29 Cultural norms :Remember to think about the differences in cultural norms.
30 Cultural norms:Remember to think about the differences in cultural norms .
31 That is such a big step, given the cultural norms and tradition here.
32 Naming trends don't predict the cultural norm ; they reflect it.
33 It's the genital mutilation of men at birth as a cultural norm .
34 Cultural norms place the burden of care work and household work on women.
35 How much do employees know about the cultural norms of groups they serve?
36 They promote freedom of expression and a rejection of traditional cultural norms and values.
37 And being Hindu , there is a strong cultural norm of inter-generational living.
38 Poverty often works in tandem with various cultural norms to indirectly impact women's health.
39 Human choices in acting on sexuality are commonly influenced by cultural norms which vary widely.
40 Rivas said advertisers often fail to accurately reflect cultural norms for fear of such backlash.