cultural perspective

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1 We welcome a wide variety of intellectual and cultural perspectives .
2 People: Psychology from a cultural perspective .
3 Additionally, it reflected changes in cultural perspectives towards diversity and immigration.
4 Cultural perspective involves identity of symbols.
5 The cultural perspective can also be seen as the semiotic perspective.
6 A nursing major can express how cultural perspectives impact the care of patients.
7 The challenge is to make conservation attractive–from economic and cultural perspectives .
8 Try to notice how cultural perspectives and traditions differ from place to place.
9 You need to foster relationships and assess the fit from a cultural perspective .
10 Once those stores move in, the neighbourhood goes dead from a cultural perspective .
11 This course explores the cultural perspective as an alternative approach to understanding organizational communication processes.
12 In addition, visiting Elders and Traditional people provide other cultural perspectives and teachings.
13 Here, leaders prove their ability to work with diverse people and appreciate cultural perspectives .
14 The study of political science widens cultural perspectives by providing insight into political institutions and behavior.
15 The issue is whether we look at evil from a Biblical or a cultural perspective .
16 There are distinctive historical patterns of evolving social and cultural perspectives on Indo-European society and its culture.
17 Religious world view and cultural perspectives underlie a people's outlook to life and interpretation of experiences.
18 Not only in terms of travels and foreign relationships, but also from a cultural perspective .
19 This consistency in expression encourages language learners to acquire new phrases as well as new cultural perspectives .
20 This was partly due to the internationalization of cultural perspectives during and after the Peloponnesian War.
21 These differing cultural perspectives have many implications on cognitions of the self, including perception of sexual orientation.