cultural practice

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1 These cultural practices are often recondite and extremely complex.
2 There are areas in which legal norms and cultural practices clash.
3 Other early observers took this scarring as an indigenous cultural practice .
4 I understood that cultural practices made sense in their context.
5 Wheat production witnessed major changes in varieties and cultural practices since 1870.
6 Cultural practices were often tied to local churches and mutual aid societies.
7 Any cultural practice involving consumer goods is based on a commodity relation.
8 Little remains of the German language and cultural practices .
9 It was a significant but secret aspect of Greek cultural practice .
10 The youth cultural practice regularly helps to create a nifty people.
11 Each region had its own distinct set of cultural practices and foods.
12 Ancient Greek religious texts, reflecting cultural practices , incorporated bisexual themes.
13 He stressed the need to "promote behavioural change while respecting cultural practices .
14 Correct cultural practices to achieve this will keep out most weeds.
15 This reflects a situation in which African-associated cultural practices are celebrated.
16 Take special note of the cultural practices described and their estimated costs.
17 Entire cultural practices of childrearing depend upon this sense.
18 Studies of play and tricksters further expanded ideas about reflexive cultural practices .
19 Control through ideology and cultural practices .
20 However, proper cultural practices that minimize plant stress should limit this disease.
21 Today cultural practices continue to occur within the context of unequal power relations.
22 Overall however, all share most cultural practices to a large extent.